'I'd rather have Van Gaal than this at the moment'

The Devils' Advocate

BBC Radio Manchester's Gaz Drinkwater told the Devils' Advocate Podcast that he'd rather see Manchester United play Louis van Gaal's style of play than the current style under Erik ten Hag: "I think there's an argument to say that the way Manchester United are playing this season is some of the worst I've seen in my lifetime.

"I've always said that Van Gaal is probably the worst football I've seen, but it felt like we were at least controlling certain games of football even if it was dull to watch.

"I remember we got a win against Arsenal under Van Gaal with Tyler Blackett and Paddy McNair at the back because he switched it up, he put it three at the back and he changed it.

"We concede a bucket load of shots every single game, no matter the opposition. It's some of the worst I've seen at Manchester United. For the sake of my heart, I'd rather having boring 0-0 Van Gaal football than this at the moment."

Stretford Paddock's Jay Motty added: "I get managers defending themselves, but when you've got Ten Hag coming out and saying we're one of the most entertaining teams to watch, that's being a bit deluded and that worries me. The fact we're comparing it to Louis Van Gaal in a positive way speaks volumes.

"I could stomach it if we're getting results, but when you don't get the results and you concede all those shots it's just difficult to take."

Manchester United fans, we want to hear from you. Is this the worst football you've ever seen at Old Trafford, or is that too harsh on ten Hag's men? If so, what team do you think played the worst?

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