ICYMI: Jackson Hole Considers Widening Famed Chutes to Make More Novice Terrain

This article originally appeared on Ski Mag

Officials propose widening of Jackson Hole's Alta Chutes

It seems too bizarre to be true, but the Jackson Hole News & Guide has reported that Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is floating the idea of widening the resort's famed Alta Chutes to make them more accessible for novice skiers. The measure has yet to be fully approved, but options the idea of blasting rock away from the base of Chute 1 and the top of Chute 3 while taking out trees to create a new chute entirely. Needless to say, locals aren't too happy about the "dumbing down" proposal, so it will be interesting to see how this one progresses.

I Ski Alone, the music video

The Internet is a weird and wonderful place. Yes, this video is three years old, but it still hits like it came out yesterday. Rick Davis, you are one salty, curmudgeon, but dangit, we love your style. Sometimes you gotta ski by yourself.

Gondola art pushes inclusion

Vail Resorts announced that it will be displaying custom-made art from Black snow enthusiast and artist Lamont Joseph White and other minority artists as part of its The Gondola Gallery by Epic series, wrapping gondolas in one-of-a-kind pieces celebrating a more open snowsports future. So far, Vail has announced plans for Park City, UT, and Stowe, VT, but there is no word on whether this wave will spread to its other mountains for this season. Either way, it’s a nice initiative that deserves a little positive momentum. We're here for it!

Faction delights in new trailer

Jeez, how is the Faction crew so dang cool? I can tell you they aren't paying me to say that because they won't even respond to my texts. Someday, maybe I'll have an ounce of this special sauce in my skiing. Until then, the newest Faction trailer will have to do.

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