ICYMI: Jackson Hole Aims to Break the World Record for Skiing in Jeans

This article originally appeared on Ski Mag

Drag out your jeans and get into them hills with the fine folks at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, targeting a ski-in-jeans world record this December. On December 9, the resort will offer $25 lift tickets to all visitors but hope to top the 102 jeaned skiers that hit the slopes on a single day in New Zealand over the summer. Can the resort come in a cut (or cuff) above? May the style gods shine down on Jackson's cowboy couture. Get your tickets here.

World Cup hands out first Fluoro Wax disqualification

It didn't take long for FIS' new environmental measures to disrupt the World Cup field, as Norway's Ragnhild Mowinckel was disqualified for her use of the now-banned Fluoro Wax component. Mowinckel, an Olympic silver medalist, was in sixth after her first run but failed a random ski test when it was determined that her skis were juiced up with the illegal substance. Fluoro Wax was a popular speed enhancer for years on the circuit and was only officially banned before the start of this season. Still, many teams are arguing that testing for the substance is inaccurate and that Mowinckel may be the first of many who are falsely accused of cheating. Mowinckel has denied any wrongdoing and was devastated to learn she had been removed from the competition.

Tanner Hall celebrates his 40th birthday with a new film.

Hate him or love him, Tanner Hall has been a part of some of the more iconic moments in freeskiing history over the last two decades. This week, he capped off 40 rotations around the sun the way any "over the hill" athlete would: By dropping a joint-bruising 13-minute freeski edit, of course. Aside from the initial shock that this guy is still doing it, it's hard not to respect the hustle of a guy who has more than earned his retirement. Some people love to ski, others live for it. Happy birthday, T Halll.

FIS upholds ban on Russian skiers

For the second year in a row, the International Ski Federation (FIS) will not allow Russian or Belarusian athletes to compete in sanctioned FIS events. The ban is in response to Russia's ongoing war with Ukraine (and Belarus' support) and affects dozens of athletes across the alpine and cross-country disciplines. The International Olympic Committee, on the other hand, does allow athletes to participate but requires them to wave national affiliations and compete as "neutral athletes" without a flag or national insignia. They have not yet decided if Russian or Belarus athletes will be permitted to compete in the 2024 Paris Summer Games, however.

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