This iconic 'Princess Diaries' scene was actually a total accident

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There’s truthfully never been a bad time to discuss the classic film “Princess Diaries”.

Star Anne Hathaway reflected on one

of the most iconic scenes in the movie

and revealed it wasn’t scripted.

In the ABC special 'The Happy Days Of Garry Marshall,' Hathaway and others celebrated the late director's eye for beautiful moments.

Hathaway said that just before

filming a scene on the bleachers

in San Francisco, it rained.

While the cameras were rolling, Hathaway’s Mia Thermopolis turned around too fast, slipped in a puddle and burst out laughing.

Instead of demanding a reshoot, Marshall

thought the fall was a “charming moment”

and insisted it stay in the film.

Thank goodness Marshall had such an eye for serendipitous moments — what would we do without the relatable princess of Genovia?

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