Ice Spice's brother Joey Gaston looking to forge football path

MONTEREY PARK, Calif. - Joey Gaston wants to make a name for himself.

Sure, his sister is famous rapper Ice Spice but the New Rochelle (N.Y.) Iona Prep quarterback is trying to carve out his own path, his own success and it starts with a passionate and undying pursuit of what he wants most.

“I’m electric,” Gaston said at the recent Los Angeles Rivals Camp. “I’m a dog on the field. No matter how big the opponent is, it doesn’t matter to me. Size doesn’t matter. I go out there and do what I have to do. Make sure I complete everything coach asks me to do.”

Gaston is undersized at 5-foot-8 but he’s built physically and always looking to compete.

“I’m blessed to be out here and I have a God-given talent,” Gaston said. “I have speed and a mindset that not many have. I’m willing to go out there and put my body on the line. There are a lot of quarterbacks out there that think they’re above the team and I know I’m part of the team.”

Marshall has offered already and others are showing interest.

The Iona Prep standout does not necessarily want to use his sister’s fame to prop up his football career but it certainly cannot hurt to get more attention and have more coaches give him a chance.

“I definitely want to make my name for myself,” Gaston said. “I want to make my name as big as hers, maybe even bigger. That’s really my goal. She set the bar and I’m trying to pass it, go to the moon. And then my little sister she’s on her way, too, and she’s trying to pass me and that’s the tradition.”

Gaston’s younger sister is focused on horseback riding and a future career as a veterinarian, not in the music industry. He’s trying to play Power Five football and see where that takes him.

And Ice Spice (real name Isis Gaston), well, she was the musician in the Super Bowl box with Taylor Swift. She’s already made it and for a while, Gaston was keeping his sister’s success quiet just so he wouldn’t be known only as Ice Spice’s sister.

“We kept it under wraps because we wanted to stay safe,” Gaston said. “When we revealed it, when I told all my classmates, they were like, ‘What? That’s your sister and you never told me?’ They were mad at me for not telling them but I was like, ‘You don’t tell me about your sister.’

“It was cool. I was getting a lot of love but I have to look at it though because some of it is fake, some of it is real. Some people might try to come up to me and be my friend but they have one goal in mind and that’s to meet my sister.”

And to have a famous sister, like a really famous sister, like a sister sitting with Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl, it doesn’t get much bigger than that.

“It’s amazing,” Gaston said. “The smile she’s able to put on our faces. She got the People’s Choice Award and she shouted out my little sister when she was watching it. Kids at home are watching. The smile on her face, I never saw her smile so much.

“She earned it. She did everything she had to do so I’m proud of her.”