‘Ice Cream Guy’ explains on ‘Good Morning America,’ ‘Ice Cream Girl’ gets year of free ice cream (Video)

Last Wednesday, we shared with you NBA TV analyst Chris Webber's detailed dissection of a man's refusal to share his ice cream with his lady love at a less-than-thrilling game between the Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic. The moment itself wasn't super great — c'mon, dog, share your ice cream — but the combination of the shock on the young lady's face as her dude declined her and Webber's amped-up, telestrator-deploying breakdown of the relationship faux pas made it a must-see clip that spread like wildfire online, making the "Ice Cream Couple" an unexpected viral hit.

In accordance with the Pwned/LOLFail Doctrine confirmed by the United Nations in 2008, which states that all viral sensations must make an appearance on a national broadcast network's morning show, the "Ice Cream Couple" — whose real names are Jake Moran and Georgia Arnett of Zionsville, Ind. — paid an electronic visit to ABC's "Good Morning America" on Monday to discuss how Internet stardom has changed their lives and what, exactly, Jake was thinking there:

"I didn't want her to have my ice cream," Moran told ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

Well, glad we got to the bottom of that.

Other breaking news from the ABC interview: Arnett admits to having had some butter pecan ice cream of her own outside of the camera frame (though she wants it clarified for the record that it was not a full bowl), this is something that happens in their relationship all the time but is rarely filmed, and they have a cute, small dog. Please update your files accordingly.

BUT DO NOT SAVE AND EXIT THOSE FILES JUST YET, FRIENDS. There's more, courtesy of this other interview with Indiana's FOX59 (which I would embed, but the video plays automatically, and I don't want you all to come murder me over a relentless bank ad or whatever).

"We were looking for Churros and we settled for ice cream," Arnett said. "I just wanted a little bite of mint chip, but I wasn't getting any apparently."

This is a problem that she will not encounter for another 365 days.

Upon hearing of Arnett's plight, Texas-based ice cream company Blue Bell came forward to offer her a year's supply of Blue Bell Ice Cream, absolutely free. (And yes, Blue Bell does make mint chocolate chip ice cream, the kind her boyfriend withheld from her during Pacers/Magic.) After receiving her bounty, Arnett immediately said she would be willing to share it with Moran, despite his admitted hoggishness. Ain't love grand?

Let this be a lesson to you, Dudes of The World: Refuse to share things with your girlfriends literally every time you are in public. Not only will nothing bad happen to you, but you will become a celebrity who has free things given to you. It is a brilliant, perfect plan whose brilliance is only surpassed by its perfection.

Hat-tip to Gawker.

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