Ian Mahinmi dressed up at Medieval Times, JaVale McGee met the Lorax

It's tempting to say that NBA players get the summer off, but in most cases they treat it just as seriously as the regular season. Yes, their schedules might not be quite so rigid and demanding, but they still spend hours every day staying in shape, rehabbing injuries, and improving their games. It's not as if they spend three months doing nothing but going to beautiful island resorts and eating whatever they want.

Still, they do have quite a bit more time to kick back and relax. For proof, see the photo above of Dallas Mavericks center Ian Mahinmi and his family at the restaurant chain Medieval Times. In case you've never been there, it's a theme restaurant at which knights joust, patrons eat chicken with their hands, and serving wenches refill goblets of Pepsi. So, naturally, the Mahinmis got into the spirit of things and dressed up in period robes and dresses.

Yet Mahinmi was not the only big man to take a fun photo. After the jump, check out JaVale McGee with the Lorax, his new best friend.

Both photos are great for different reasons: McGee's is nicely casual and Mahinmi's took some real commitment. If forced to pick a winner, I'll go with the latter. Most NBA players aren't going to put themselves in a potentially embarrassing situation like that, even if it's pretty clearly awesome.

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