Ian Machado Garry’s wife, Layla, debunks ‘top three lies’ about UFC standout in scathing video

A lot has been said about Ian Machado Garry on social media thanks, in part, to two of the UFC’s most notorious trash talkers (who some would call full of sh*t) in Sean Strickland and Colby Covington. Specifically, both men have fanned the flames of false rumors about Garry’s personal life and shared some awful words about his wife, Layla.

Just this week, Covington went out of his way to make a second video aimed at “cuck boy” Garry, which of course included a plethora of cheap shots about Layla – par for the course from the three-time UFC title fight loser.

Having heard all the trash talk aimed at her and her husband in recent months, Layla on Wednesday posted a video on Instagram addressing “the top three lies you believed about Ian Machado Garry.”

“Bad journalism, bad people and lazy consumerism are a perfect recipe for misinformation to explode and an unwarranted amount of hate to land on the shoulders of UFC’s brightest prospect,” Layla said.

And with that, she debunked the following:

  • Lie No. 1 “Ian took his wife’s ex-husband’s surname.”

  • Lie No. 2: “His wife’s ex lives with them.”

  • Lie No. 3: “Ian is a cuck.”

Watch what Layla had to say in the video below:

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie