Hype for Arkansas football is real Saturday morning on social media

Arkansas has had more exciting opening games to a football season.

That couldn’t matter less.

The 2023 college football arrived in earnest this week and the Razorbacks begin their trek through the 12-game regular-season slate Saturday against FCS opponent Western Carolina in Little Rock.

No one outside of that mountainous region of the Tar Heel State truly thinks the Catamounts have much of a chance to win, but they’ll bring home some bucks, just for trying.

For Arkansas, the win is nice, but getting a first look at players like wide receiver Isaac TeSlaa, offensive tackle Patrick Kutas and defensive end Trajan Jeffcoat is nicer. Those are the kinds of players the Hogs needs to bolster the star power that quarterback KJ Jefferson and Rocket Sanders bring to the table.

Just ahead of kickoff at noon, let’s take a look at how social media is preparing for Hogs-Catamounts.

KJ's final ride

This season should be spectacular watch, if bittersweet for fans of quarterback KJ Jefferson.

Heisman possible?

It would take an absolutely special season, the most special anyone at Arkansas has ever had. But it’s a longshot possibility, anyway.

Nothing like first-game-of-the-season readiness

Schools across the country feel this way. Few have the chance Arkansas does to take the next step into stability as an SEC regular.

Arkansas' official hype video

A few years ago, these types of videos were all the rage. They aren’t anymore, but for a season-opener, this one works awfully well.

Ricky Stromberg may be in the NFL, but he's all Hog

Former Arkansas center Ricky Stromberg is ready for the start of college football season as he prepares to kick off his NFL career.

The scene outside War Memorial Stadium

Most of the state doesn’t get an opportunity to see their state’s flagship football program often. This appears to be a solid start.

Sam Pittman dressed for success

One question. Where can I get that tie? OK, sorry. Two questions. Where can I get that tie and where can I get those kicks?

Can say one thing about games in Little Rock and that's...

Tailgating on the golf course is pretty killer. Driving through it to get to your spot, not so much.

Nice chunk of change

Small schools anticipate losing these kinds of games. They’re good for athletic departments, though. And, hey, sometimes miracles happen.

Story originally appeared on Razorbacks Wire