Husband’s ‘dudeoir’ photos are the gift that keeps on giving

Sweet Spot

Last November, Stephanie Arnet learned she had ocular cancer. Arnet and her husband, Tyler, and their three kids moved to Washington state so she could get treatment. It’s been a rough road for the Arnet family, so Tyler’s surprise came at a perfect time.

Stephanie’s sweet husband teamed up with Jill Steenson of Lillian Lane Photography for a special gift: “dudeoir” photos. Not to be confused with boudoir photos — same premise, but Tyler’s a guy (hence the “dude”). He posed in his undies, and not much else, for a series of funny pictures. “I was in my underwear smiling for a camera. I was trying not to laugh,” Tyler told People. “The whole thing was funny, but my whole thought process was, if I could try to be serious … the funnier it would turn out.”

Tyler gave Stephanie the pictures before her big surgery, hoping it would cheer her up. Mission accomplished — she absolutely loved them. “As soon as she saw it and her face lit up the way it did, it was just an instant success.” Tyler says the photos have been giving his wife the joy she needed during her health struggle — “laughter is the best medicine.”

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