The Hurricanes are openly trolling their detractors

Kyle CantlonNHL Editor

Brian Burke, the NHL executive-turned-analyst who prefers his tie undone, is no fan of unprofessionalism in the hockey world!

The real life Old Man Yells At Cloud/Abe Simpson meme who was a decently-successful front-office guy with the Hartford Whalers, Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Anaheim Ducks and Calgary Flames is now a high-profile media man with a rather large platform.

Burkie has settled into his talking-head roll nicely and recently picked a victim for his first major public feud of the season: The Carolina Hurricanes unique post-win celebration. During a recent radio hit on Toronto’s Fan 590, Burke said team’s antics are “absurdly amateurish, pee-wee garbage stuff.”

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“[The fans] like it — terrific. Stay and watch it. Clap. Have another beer and stay and watch them swim or canoe or whatever they’re going to do next. I’m not watching.”

Well, just a day after those oh-so predictable feelings were exposed to, and rejected by, most of the hockey world, the Hurricanes won a home game and, of course, an epic cele was to follow — but this time they took it up a notch.

This human-bowling performance is called “The Burkie Special,” probably.

The team busted out its most colourful and over-the-top postgame celebration yet just over 24 hours after Burkie called them out. It was a masterful troll job led by one of the old guards of the NHL, forward Justin Williams, who didn’t seem to concerned about any of the negative reception the team’s unique on-ice fan engagement was getting when he spoke to USA Today in October.

“The stick wave at the end got a little stale, a little monotonous, it was like we had to do it. This adds a different element to it. Hockey is fun. We win a game we want to celebrate.”

Head coach Rod Brind’Amour is of the same mindset, it appears.

“Why not enjoy a couple of minutes with the fans, giving them something so they can go home with a smile on their face?” Brind’Amour said.

The Hurricanes social media team added to the exceptional trolling of Burke with a superb post-game tweet clearly taking aim at the former exec.

The Hurricanes’ local broadcaster, FOX Sports Carolinas, also took aim at Burke, but in a much less settle way, you could argue, putting out a tweet that read:

WARNING: The following video contains fun. If you experience shortness of breath and anger after watching this video. you’re likely suffering from “Brian Burke Disease.” Please consult your nearest Caniac if you suffer from these symptoms for the cure.

I’m 100 percent here for this direct and deliberate attack on hockey’s old guard and archaic attitudes towards, well, fun.

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