Seriously gnarly jumps, huge tricks and massive crashes – check out the highlights from Darkfest so far

 Darkfest 2024.
Darkfest 2024.

Darkfest is holding up its reputation as one of the most progressive and gnarly freeride events of the year. The Darkfest course features some of the world's biggest jumps, attracting freeride's biggest names to test their limits.

Riders have had a few days to get used to the South African course and are starting to throw some seriously impressive tricks on the jumps in preparation for the main event tomorrow. While some go to plan others don't quite work out, keep scrolling for the absolute must-see clips from Darkfest so far!


The Ruso Bros are already going hard with this double backflip train, unfortunately they weren't able to stick it

Just to give you a scale of how big this jump is, here it is another angle.

Massive jumps deserve moto tricks and Kurtis Downs is delivering.

We can't imagine what it must be like to hit a 110ft double, never mind hit the ejector bottom in mid-air. Unbelievably Tom Isted seems to have walked away from this one unscathed, unfortunately, Carson Storch who was following wasn't so lucky and will miss the big day.

Bienvenido Aguado went huge with this front flip off the first rocket launcher

Its not a freeride event without Rogatkin doing some crazy spins

Talus Turk had one of the gnarliest-looking slams we have seen of Darkfest so far, breaking his collarbone in the process.

Can't forget about the Darkfest haircuts either.