‘Huge, huge’ python shown slithering from rooftop to treetop

Footage has surfaced showing a large python stretching from a rooftop to a treetop and poking its head from the opposite side of the tree.

The footage was captured by onlookers in Queensland, according to Yahoo News Australia, which identified the snake as a carpet python and stated that a “stunned” family watched it slither from tree to tree.

The footage first appeared on TikTok and began to circulate elsewhere on social media early Monday.

Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Service shared the accompanying clip showing the “huge huge python eking its space out in the top.”

In the footage the python’s head emerges from the opposite side of the tree as the reptile gauges its next move.

While the snake looks massive, carpet pythons rarely exceed 13 feet in length. They are among the most commonly seen snakes in suburban Australia.

Story originally appeared on For The Win