Hue Jackson realizes he needs to get the ball to Nick Chubb

Darin Gantt
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You don’t have to be a math genius or a football genius to understand that Browns running back Nick Chubb could stand a little more work.

The rookie running back had three carries for 105 yards and two touchdowns last week against the Raiders, but those were the only three snaps he played.

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While anticipating 35 yards per carry might not be realistic, Browns coach Hue Jackson has come to the realization that perhaps he should give Chubb the ball more often.

Asked if there was anything holding him back, or preventing Chubb from getting more carries, Jackson said there was not.

“No, just have to give him more carries,” Jackson said, via Dan Labbe of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “There is nothing holding him back. We just have to stick him out there.”

The Browns do have other options in the backfield, as Carlos Hyde was brought in this offseason to provide the every down ballast for Duke Johnson. But Chubb has just 15 offensive snaps and 10 carries this year, so those two long touchdown runs have given Jackson a great idea.

“We need to do a better job of making sure that he has a series or two each half and go from there,” Jackson said. “I watched those two touchdowns on tape today, and they were even better than they were on the field.

“He ran away from some people on the first one and ran away from some people on the second one. It just looked natural and easy. He was gone.”

Perhaps now he’ll have more of an opportunity to make similar plays, now that they’ve realized what he’s capable of.

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