Hue Jackson puts out the word that he wanted Jimmy Garoppolo in Cleveland

Jimmy Garoppolo has been traded from New England to San Francisco, and the implications are being felt in Cleveland.

Browns coach Hue Jackson wanted Garoppolo more than any other quarterback aside from possibly Jared Goff (who wasn’t available to Cleveland because the Rams took him with the first overall pick last year), according to Mike Silver of NFL Media.

Although Silver did not attribute that information to any particular source, Silver and Jackson have a close relationship, so when Silver reports that Jackson wanted Garoppolo, suffice to say that it came straight from the horse’s mouth. In 2016, when the Browns first hired Jackson, Silver was the first reporter Jackson confirmed his hiring to.

That suggests Jackson and the Browns’ front office don’t see eye to eye: Jackson wanted Garoppolo, and the Browns could have acquired Garoppolo because they have two first-round picks and three second-round picks in the 2018 NFL draft, and all it took the 49ers to get Garoppolo was one second-round pick. The Browns didn’t get Jackson’s guy, and Jackson wants everyone to know that.

Whatever the reasons that the Browns didn’t trade for Garoppolo (and there have been some reports that Garoppolo and his agent didn’t want to go to Cleveland and wouldn’t have been cooperative in contract negotiations), the front office didn’t land the guy Jackson wanted. Bill Parcells liked to say that if he’s going to be told to cook the meal, he ought to have some input into buying the groceries. A lot of coaches feel that way. And Jackson is letting his feelings be known.

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