What Hubert Davis said after UNC basketball’s win over NC State

North Carolina went on the road and earned a big win in Atlantic Coast Conference play on Wednesday night, again.

After beating Clemson and Pitt last week, the Tar Heels finished up the road trip by using a big second-half push to beat NC State. UNC turned it on in that second half to get the double-digit win and silence the crowd at PNC Arena.

With the win, North Carolina moved to 12-3 on the year and 4-0 in the ACC as they get set to host Syracuse on Saturday. There’s a long ways to go until we hit March but it feels like UNC is one of those teams that is primed to make a deep run this season.

Following the game, head coach Hubert Davis met the media where he discussed a few different areas of the game including rebounding, Harrison Ingram and getting a big win.

Here’s what Davis said:

On Limiting Horne and Burns in the second half

“I mean, they’re (two) of the better players in the country. I don’t know how you defend DJ Burns. He’s just so gifted, and it’s just a dilemma every time down. Do you guard him one-on-one, or do you double team? He’s such a gifted passer and so you try to mix things up, not give them a steady diet, so he doesn’t know that he’s going to have to pass out of the double team, or he doesn’t know that nobody is coming.

“That’s one of the things that we did was just throw different combinations, different things. I think the guards, one of the things that we talked about is giving Horne the same type of attention that we had on (Blake) Hinson of Pittsburgh and (Joe) Girard of Clemson. He’s at that level. And I felt like our guards really did a good job climbing into him and making each one of his shots difficult as well.”

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On 3-point defense

“One of the things that I’ve talked to the team about, it was before we played Oklahoma, and I said, ‘we haven’t made a full commitment.’ And there’s no half commitment. You’re either committed or not. I said, ‘we haven’t been committed to us being the best defensive team that we can become or the best rebounding team.’ And I said, ‘for us to have success like that, commitment has to come.’ From that time, from Oklahoma, it really has. It doesn’t guarantee that we’ll win, come out on the winning side, but it does guarantee that it keeps us in games. And we’re contesting shots. We’re staying with shooters, we’re getting through screens, we’re making it difficult for shooters to come off.”

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On getting 3 road wins early

“Again, guys, I just don’t think about previous years. I’ve just specifically focused on this season. I think one of the things that, and I’ve said this before, that has helped us has been our non-conference schedule. I’ve just believed the level of teams that we played, the different situations that we’ve been in has not only hardened us and given us toughness, but an experience of being in a true road game.

“I just hear them in the huddle all the time saying, ‘we’ve been here before, we were here before against UConn, we were here before against Tennessee.’ And our guys are just gaining strength from being in those situations, and I just really feel like the experience in the early season has given us confidence to be able to step in environments like this and be able to execute on both ends.”

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On Elliot Cadeau's defense

“Every day at practice, every day in a game, he just gets better and better defensively. It’s all about growth. Like he’s a freshman. In high school, defense (starts) when your guy gets the ball. You can’t do that at this level, you have to play defense before you play defense. You have to be in a position to see man and ball, you’ve got to talk on defense.

“I mean, I remember in high school, I talked on defense but I didn’t know what help side was. I didn’t know the difference between ball screen coverages, and I came to Carolina and I’m like, ‘what are you talking about Coach Smith?’ It was an adjustment for me. So the thing that I’m happy about is his understanding and his growth of how important defense is for himself individually, and for this team and he’s doing a really good job growing in that area.”

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On Harrison Ingram

“Harrison, I don’t know what else to say about him. He’s just a complete player in terms of just giving you everything that you want in a player. Offensively in the first half, I felt like he had his way in the post. That gave us an option to be able to score when we really didn’t have any points in the paint. And then we’re always talking about this is not an Armando Bacot rebounding game, it’s a UNC basketball rebounding game. For him to get 19 rebounds that’s just off the charts. But if you want to, you can tease him because he could have had a double-double, but he missed two free throws and gets everybody a Chick-fil-A sandwich. Does that include us, too, the Chick-fil-A sandwiches?”

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Story originally appeared on Tarheels Wire