What Hubert Davis said after Tar Heels beat Wake Forest

Make it nine straight wins for the North Carolina Tar Heels after another impressive showing on Monday night in the Dean Dome. After a sluggish start, the Tar Heels turned it on in the second half en route to an 85-64 win over Wake Forest.

The win moved UNC to 16-3 on the year and 8-0 in conference play, holding a 2.5-game lead on NC State and Florida State going into Tuesday.

More importantly, it was another game in which UNC imposed their will on an opponent and flexed their muscles as the top team in the Atlantic Coast Conference. The Tar Heels are playing their best basketball of the season right now and look like a totally different team from a year ago.

As we start to wrap up January, there is a lot of confidence with this team that we hope they can take into March for a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s see what Hubert Davis had to say about the team’s big win.


On UNC's ability to go on big runs

“Well, I think, I challenged him at halftime. I felt like we were getting good shots in the first half, (but) I felt like defensively we were making mistakes that allowed Wake to be able to score. And I challenged them at halftime to, you know, to step it up defensively. And they did. I mean, I think it was 26 percent in the second half (shooting for Wake). Because of the defensive, because of rebounding, I think this was the ninth straight game that we’ve out rebounded an opponent, it allowed us to get out in transition.

“And we’re just really good in transition. I mean, all five guys are running. We pitched the ball ahead, we’ve got great spacing so we can get to the basket. We can spray threes, we can hit our bigs in the middle of the post and once we started running that got us going. But it all started on the defensive end.”

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On RJ Davis' career high

“Well, we need that from RJ every game. And you’re right. He’s been that in practice as well. I mean, he plays that way in preparation for a game you know, his just ability for a number of things, but specifically his scoring. You know, he could score with the ball, his hands off the ball, his ability to be able to finish at the rim. The way that Wake was playing us defensively, he was able to get to that mid-range, that floater. That’s a shot that he’s worked on a lot throughout his career and feels really comfortable and he was able to hit that.

“Then that setup his ability to be able to shoot the ball from three and he was in a great rhythm tonight. He’s been in a great rhythm all season. It was the first time as a player and as a coach that I can remember the Smith Center crowd chanting a player’s name. And I’m just really proud of him. I think, you know, he’s had a terrific career but I feel like this year, he’s finally getting noticed and I’m just really happy for you.”

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On Harrison Ingram's rebounding

“I say it’s not an Armando Bacot rebounding game, it’s a UNC rebounding game. (I did that) to try to get everybody else to rebound and not just sit back and go, ‘Armando is gonna get it.’ And Harrison I mean, he’s just been terrific in terms of boxing out rebounding, limiting teams to one shot every possession. He didn’t have any offensive rebounds, I think he can be a great offensive rebounder as well.

“And so, he checks so many boxes for us. It’s not just rebounding, (it’s) scoring, posting up, passing his personality. He’s just one of those guys that makes you laugh and he’s not trying to be funny. He just walks in a locker room and you just start smiling. Him being in this program and on this team has been such a blessing for all of us.”

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On Elliot Cadeau encouraging RJ Davis to break a career high

“That’s amazing. I mean, that’s a great example of just the type of relationships that this team has. I’ve said this before, and there’s been very few teams that I’ve been on as a player and as a coach, where players are thinking about their teammates. That they are celebrating the success of their teammates, even more so than their baskets or their assists, their stats. That’s one example of many of the conversations and the actions that our guys have done this year, and I think it’s one of the things that has allowed us to continue to improve.”

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On rebounding being the key for UNC

“I think it’s three things. One, a huge part is rebounding. Another part is our commitment to the defensive end, as I said before they shot 26 percent in the second half and that was something that was required and needed for us to play against a really good Wake Forest team. And then also, taking care of the basketball. I just feel like if you check those three boxes, it doesn’t matter whoever we play, that puts us in a position to be successful. So those are the three things that we’re looking at every game. Defend, rebound (and) take care of basketball.”

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Story originally appeared on Tarheels Wire