HS TRACK AND FIELD: Lakeland girls dominate in win over Mid Valley

Apr. 14—SCOTT TWP. — Lakeland's Anna Liuzzo accepted a hug from her mom, Julie, and dad, Ken, as part of the Parents Day ceremony before an important dual meet against Mid Valley.

She became emotional and shed a few tears.

Then, just after the conclusion, Liuzzo also shared a moment with her fellow senior teammates, Olivia Warholic and Caroline McAndrew, in the throwing events. They knew this was a special day and an important one, too, as the Lady Chiefs accepted the challenge of an up-and-coming Mid Valley program.

At the throwing area of the Phil Tochelli Track and Field Complex at Lakeland High School, Liuzzo had a personal-best throw in the discus, McAndrew won the shot and Warholic contributed a second and third as the three swept all six places in their two events. Their efforts highlighted an overwhelming performance in the field events as Lakeland posted a 122-28 win over the Spartanettes on Thursday afternoon to remain undefeated and win its 54th straight dual meet.

"This was really good for all of us because we had such an adrenaline rush going into the meet with it being our senior year," Liuzzo said. "It went really well, and we got the sweeps in the throws.

"The winning streak means a lot to us. Just to come together and work as a team every week to keep it alive is really important to us."

On her third and final throw in the discus, Liuzzo launched a heave of 111 feet, 5 inches to land ahead of Warholic, who also had a throw better than 100 feet, and McAndrew, who finished third, as the Lady Chiefs' throwers set the tone by taking all nine available points.

In the next event, McAndrew won the shot put with a mark of 31-10 1/2 , followed by Liuzzo and Warholic, and Lakeland had an 18-0 advantage.

"It is really good for me to be hitting that distance at this point of the season," Liuzzo said of her personal-best mark in the discus. "Our competition within the team makes us all better athletes. We know that there is always someone on this team to push us to be better."

Those contributions were part of a 62-1 onslaught by Lakeland in the field events. It included wins by Lizzy Pittsman in the javelin (87-1), Gabby Martini in the long jump (14-6), Kirsten Navich in the triple jump (34-4), Naomi Rude in the high jump (4-6), and Jules Grier in the pole vault (7-6).

As impressive as the performers were in the field, Lakeland also dominated on the track.

In addition to her win in the long, Martini, who transferred from Mid Valley to Lakeland two years ago, won the 100-meter hurdles in 16.0 seconds and the 300 hurdles in 51.6. She finished just ahead of teammate Kaylyn Davis in both races.

Her best effort came when she took the baton on the anchor leg of the 400 relay, erased a lead by the Spartanettes and surged to the finish line for a victory for the team that included Brooke Hill, Kaitlyn Passiment, and Ashley Hemak in 53.0 seconds.

"That was really exciting," Martini said. "I haven't done the 4-by-1 since last year. I really wanted to do it, and I heard everyone cheering, so I just ran really fast."

Navich had added motivation coming into the meet. Last season, she lost in a head-to-head clash with Mid Valley's Mae Kaufman. Driven by the outcome, Navich looked strong right from the start and built an early lead. She finished with a personal-best time of 1:01.

"I was extremely nervous coming into this race," Navich said. "I kept my cool, and I wanted this one really bad. And I wanted to get the win for our team. It felt great to PR (personal record) in two events (the 400 and triple jump), which is really exciting."

Lakeland also received wins from Emily Black in the 1,600 and 3,200; Faith Wormuth in the 800; and swept all three relays.

Mid Valley's Karly Rusyn won the 100 and the 200.

Also in Division III, Maura Michalczyk tied her school record in the pole vault at 10-6 and won the 100 hurdles, the long jump, and the triple jump to lead undefeated Dunmore past Holy Cross, 79-63.

Hannah Murphy won the 1,600 and 3,200 for the Lady Bucks.

Eva Carachilo won the 100, 200, and 400, and Sarah Lyons won the discus and javelin for Holy Cross.

Braelyn Reed won the 100, 200, long jump, and triple jump to lead Riverside past Carbondale Area, 65-60.

Lacey Danilovitz added wins in the 1,600 and 3,200, and Kaitlyn Azarsky won the 100 hurdles and 300 hurdles for the Lady Vikes.

Lakeland 122, MidValley 28

3200 Relay: Lakeland (Pirano, Navich, James, F. Wormuth) 10:56.5. 100 Hurdles: Gabby Martini (LAK) 16.0, Davis (LAK), Talliuto (MV). 100: Karly Rusun (MV) 13.2 Hill (LAK), Chakris (MV). 1600: Emily Black (LAK) 5:41.1 , Vonahnen (MV), Lutz (LAK). 400 Relay: Lakeland (Passiment, Hill, Hemak, Martini) 53.0. 400: Kirsten Navich (LAK) 1:01.0, Kaufman (MV), D. Wormuth (LAK). 300 Hurdles: Gabby Martini (LAK) 51.6, Davis (LAK), Passiment (LAK). 800: Faith Wormuth (LAK) 2:42.9, Adolfron (MV), James (LAK). 200: Karly Rusyn (MV) 28.6, Talluto (MV), Hill (LAK). 3200: Emily Black (LAK) 13:04.8, VonAhnen (MV), Lutz (LAK). 1600 Relay: Lakeland (Davis, Hill, D Wormuth, Navich) 4:32.6. Shot: Caroline McAndrew (LAK) 31-10 1/2 , Liuzzo (LAK) Warholic (LAK). Discus: Anna Liuzzo (LAK) 111-5, Warholic (LAK) McAndrew (LAK). Javelin: Lizzy Pittsman (LAK) 87-1, Davis (LAK), Liuzzo (LAK). Long: Gabby Martini (LAK), L. Pittsman (LAK), Rusyn (MV). Triple: Kirsten Navich (LAK) 34-4 3/4 , L. Pittsman (LAK), Rude (LAK). High: Naomi Rude (LAK) 4-6, Grier (LAK) and L. Pittsman (LAK), tie. Pole: Jules Grier (LAK) 7-6, D. Wormuth (LAK), VonEsse (LAK).

Records: LAK 3-0, 2-0; MV 2-1, 1-1.

Dunmore 79, Holy Cross 63

3200 Relay: Dunmore (Hinton, DeNunzio, Walsh, Berrios) 14:27. 100 Hurdles: Maura Michalczyk (DUN) 17.2, Reilly (DUN), Belko (DUN). 100: Eva Carachilo (HC) 13.4, Fox (DUN), Harding (DUN). 1600: Hannah Murphy (DUN) 6:01.5, Walsh (HC), Donohue (HC). 400 Relay: Holy Cross (McHugh, Mazza, Farrell, Sy. Hartland) 1:01.5. 400: Eva Carachilo (HC) 1:10.4, Brier (DUN), Waters (DUN). 300 Hurdles: Mia Reilly (DUN) 56.2, Belko (DUN), Sy. Hartland (HC). 800: Giulie Escobar (DUN) 2:43.9, Thompson (HC), Berrios (DUN). 200: Eva Carachilo (HC) 28.5, Fox (DUN), Waters (DUN). 3200: Hannah Murphy (DUN) 16:40, Kochis (HC). 1600: Dunmore (Brier, Escobar, Reilly, Davis) 4:47. Shot: Emma Luciani (HC), 26-11, Burrier (HC), Lyons (HC). Discus: Sarah Lyons (HC) 71-7, Burrier (HC), Cabelly (HC). Javelin: Sarah Lyons (HC), 78-5, Scalese (HC), Archangeli (HC). Long: Maura Michalczyk (DUN) 14-4 3/4 , DeSando (DUN), Reilly (DUN). Triple: Maura Michalczyk (DUN) 31-1, Carachilo (HC), Chickeletti (HC). High: Serenity Fox (D) 4-0. Pole: Maura Michalczyk (DUN) 10-6 (tied school record; 10-6, Michalczyk, 2023).

Records: DUN 3-0, 2-0; HC 0-3, 0-2.

Riverside 65, Carbondale Area 60

3200 Relay: No contest. 100 Hurdles: Kaitlyn Azarsky (RIV) 18.7, Baskin (CAR). 100: Braelyn Reed (RIV) 12.7, Bri. Reed (RIV), Matoushek (CAR). 1600: Lacey Danilovitz (RIV) 5:28, Korty (CAR), Williams. 400 Relay: Carbondale Area 58.0. 400: Samantha Greenfield (RIV) 1:06.6, Williams (RIV), Wall (CAR). 300 Hurdles: Kaitlyn Azarsky (RIV) 59.0, Baskin (CAR). 800: Kate Korty (CAR)) 2:27.2, Danilovitz (RIV), Williams (RIV). 200: Braelyn Reed (RIV) 27.7, Lakeara (CAR), Matoushek (CAR). 3200: Lacey Danilovitz (RIV) 12:51.1. 1600 Relay: Carbondale Area 4:58. Shot: Riley Toolan (CAR) 24-3 1/2 , Slebodnik (CAR), Cosklo (CAR). Discus: Samantha Slebodnik (CAR) 56-9, Toolan (CAR), Cosklo (CAR). Javelin: Megan Cosklo (CAR) 83-0, Purdy (RIV), Slebodnik (CAR). Long: Braelyn Reed (RIV) 15-8, Bri. Reed (RIV), Connelly (CAR). Triple: Braelyn Reed (RIV) 26-7. High: Hailey Guzman (CAR) 4-5, Bri. Reed (RIV). Pole: No contest.

Records: RIV 2-1, 1-1; CAR 0-3, 0-2.

Boys track

Shamus Lesher won the 110 hurdles, the triple jump, and the pole vault to keep Mid Valley undefeated with a 107-43 win over Lakeland in Division III.

Matt Repecki won the 1,600 and 3,200, and Dylan Holt won the long and high jumps.

Jon Seamans won the 100 and 200 to lead Lakeland.

At Dunmore, Tommy Clark won the 1,600 and the 800 to lead the Bucks to an 87-61 win over Holy Cross.

At Carbondale Area, Riverside's Nathan Oliphant set a school record with a time of 14.94 in the 110-meter hurdles in a 97-43 win over Carbondale Area. He beat the mark of 15.12 he set last season.

Daniel Danilovitz added wins in the 1,600, 800, and 3,200, and Jack Munley won the shot put and discus for the Vikings.

Isaiah Camacho won the long jump, triple jump, and pole vault for Carbondale Area.

Mid Valley 107, Lakeland 43

3200 Relay: Mid Valley (Repecki, Popko, Florence, Pacyna) 8:42.9. 110 Hurdles: Shamus Lesher (MV) 15.3, V.Holt (MV), Atticks (LAK). 100: Jon Seamans (LAK) 10.9 Chmielewski (MV), Kramer (MV). 1600: Matt Repecki (MV) 4:46.4, Kopa (LAK),Rohan (LAK). 400 Relay: Mid Valley (Kramer, V.Holt, Chmielewski, J.Lesher) 45.3. 400: Zack Popko (MV) 52.9, J.Dunstone (LAK), Davey (MV). 300 Hurdles: Cody Michaels (MV) 42.6, S. Lesher (MV), Atticks (LAK). 800: Gabe Pacyna (MV) 1:58.4, Florence (MV), Diakatos (LAK). 200: Jon Seamans (LAK) 22.9, Chmielewski (MV), Popko (MV). 3200: Matt Repecki (MV) 12:53, Kopa (LAK), Hemak (LAK). 1600 Relay: Mid Valley 3:38.7. Shot: Jon Clauss-Walton (LAK) 39-7 1/2 , Calafut (MV), Bello (LAK). Discus: Lyndon Bello (LAK) 120-5, Woytach (MV), Jackson (MV). Javelin: Charlie Davey (MV) 130-6, Cocquio (LAK), Spataro (LAK). Long: Dylan Holt (MV) 18-6 1/2 , Cocquio (LAK), V.Holt (MV). Triple: Shamus Lesher (MV) 40-0 3/4 , Davey (MV), Cook (MV). High: Dylan Holt (MV) 5-8, J.Lesher (MV), V.Holt (MV). Pole: Shamus Lesher (MV) 11-0, Chmielewski (MV) Poklemba (LAK).

Records: MV 3-0, 2-0; LAK 2-1, 1-1.

Riverside 97, Carbondale Area 43

3200 Relay: Riverside 11:46.2. 110 Hurdles: Nathan Oliphant (RIV) 14.94 (school record; old mark, 15.12, Nathan Oliphant, 2022), Borent (RIV). 100: Cael Krushnowski (RIV), Gonzalez (CAR), Gaughan (RIV). 1600: Daniel Daniolovitz (RIV) 5:06.3, Zantovsky (CAR), Chomko (RIV). 400 Relay: Carbondale Area 46.7. 400: Gonzalez (CAR) 56.3, Vargas Crespo (RIV), Dzielak (CAR). 300 Hurdles: Eli Ferrara (CAR) 50.9. 800: Daniel Danilovitz (RIV) 2:20.5, Zantowsky (CAR), Chomko (RIV). 200: Ashton Fisher (RIV) 24.9, Gaughan (RIV), Gonzalez (CAR). 3200: Daniel Danilovitz (RIV) 11:30.1, Van Luevender (RIV). 1600 Relay: Riverside 4:27.1. Shot: Jack Munley (RIV) 31-10 3/4 , Hoskins (RIV), Ormes (CAR). Discus: Jack Munley (RIV) 112-10, Sochovka (RIV), Chilek (RIV). Javelin: Will Taylor (RIV) 148-8, Orta (CAR), Hoskins (RIV). Long: Isaiah Camacho (CAR) 17-5, Oshinski (RIV), Pica (RIV). Triple: Isaiah Camacho (CAR) 39-0, Oshinski (RIV), Pica (RIV). High: Connor Oshinski (RIV) 5-8, Urbansky (CAR), Elsher (RIV). Pole: Isaiah Camacho (CAR) 8-6.

Records: RIV 2-1, 1-1; CAR 0-3, 0-2.

Dunmore 87, Holy Cross 61

3200 Relay: Holy Cross (Novak, J. Prislupski, Kreiger, R. Prislupski) 14:27. 110 Hurdles: Josh Malone (DUN) 16.8, Fangio (DUN), N. Warhola (HC). 100: Dante Warhola (HC) 11.3, DeSando (DUN), McCoy (HC). 1600: Tommy Clark (DUN) 4:58.6, Mozeleski (HC), Allardyce (HC). 400 Relay: Dunmore (Fangio, Capocci, DeSando, Malone) 45.2. 400: Jamie Prislupski (HC) 54.9, Mecca (DUN), Sullivan (HC). 300 Hurdles: Cole Fangio (DUN) 45.2, Franek (DUN), N. Warhola (HC). 800: Tommy Clark (DUN) 2:11.6, R. Prislupski (HC), Novak (HC). 200: Dom DeSando (DUN) 24.0, D. Warhola (HC), Tierney (HC). 3200: Connor Toole (DUN) 11:29.2, Allardyce (HC). 1600 Relay: Holy Cross (Novak, J. Prislupski, Sullivan, R. Prislupski) 3:43.0. Shot: Nathon Reuther (DUN) 41-1, Williams (DUN), Tanana (HC). Discus: Mike Williams (DUN) 116-1, Talutto (DUN), Reuther (DUN). Javelin: Drew Smith (HC) 146-3, Gallagher (DUN), Malone (DUN). Long: Sean Gallagher (DUN) 18-5, D. Warhola (HC), Parra (DUN). Triple: Gabe Franek (DUN) 37-0 1/2 , Vincent (HC), Lyons (HC). High: Matt Lyons (HC) 5-6, Vincent (HC), Yurkovic (HC). Pole: Evan Capocci (DUN) 9-6, Eynon (DUN).

Records: DUN 3-0, 2-0; HC 1-2, 0-1.

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