Howie Roseman admits a bias in favor of drafting Eagles legacy Jeremiah Trotter Jr.

The Eagles drafted linebacker Jeremiah Trotter Sr. in 1998 and he became a member of the team's Hall of Fame. This year his son Jeremiah Trotter Jr. is a draft prospect, and Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman acknowledged that it's tempting to want to draft him to continue the Trotter family legacy in Philadelphia.

At the same time, Roseman said he and coach Nick Sirianni talk about the importance of taking their own emotions out of any personnel decision and focusing only on building the best possible roster.

"I'm biased towards our hometown players," Roseman said. "I'm biased towards the people who have legacy with this franchise. So I think that's hard. And I think that's why, Coach talked about getting a lot of the information and trying to get myself out of that moment and just trying to make the best decision for the Philadelphia Eagles and not making an emotional decision."

Roseman didn't mention Trotter Jr. or any other draft prospect by name in his answer to a question about him, but he did say that it's tempting to draft players who will appreciate playing in Philadelphia.

"It's hard not not to want to keep guys who have Philly ties, who understand what it's like to play here, or to bring those guys in," Roseman said. "And I do think it's a plus. It's a plus to bring someone in this atmosphere who understands what it's like, and this is the best atmosphere in the National Football League. And I think that they know that when you win, it's like nothing else that you experience. But it's different versus people who haven't experienced before."

Trotter Jr., a linebacker like his dad, grew up in the Philadelphia area before playing his college football at Clemson.