Houthi attacks delay Inverness Half Marathon medals and T-shirts

Houthi attacks delay Inverness Marathon medals and T-shirts
The Inverness Half Marathon takes place on March 10 - Alamy/Fraser Stewart

Runners in the Inverness Half Marathon will miss out on their medals and T-shirts immediately after the race after Houthi rebels targeted cargo ships in the Red Sea.

Prizes and souvenirs for the event, which takes place on March 10, were on a ship that is now being re-routed around South Africa.

In a social media post, organisers of Inverness Half Marathon and 5km wrote: “Due to unforeseen shipping delays as a result of the Houthi rebel attacks on container ships in the Red Sea, unfortunately it won’t be possible to hand out finisher medals and half marathon finisher T-shirts at the finish line on 10 March.

“Instead, we will be posting these to all finishers as soon as possible after the event. We know how important your finisher items are to you and we are disappointed not to be able to hand over your commemorative medal and technical T-shirt as you cross the finish line.”

The Houthis, who are an Iranian-backed rebel group, have been attacking shipping in response to the war in Gaza.

The ship carrying the Inverness goods was originally due to arrive in Southampton on February 10 but was then re-routed via South Africa and still had a scheduled arrival date of February 26.

This would have provided ample time before the event but a further delay has been caused by the increased amount of shipping on that route and the medals and T-shirts will not arrive in the next 10 days.

The Houthis had said that they are targeting ships with Israeli connections but vessels have also been attacked with no obvious links. US and UK naval and air forces have been carrying out strikes against Houthi targets.

Almost 15 per cent of the global sea trade usually passes through the Red Sea but major shipping companies are instead now re-routing their goods around the southern tip of Africa.

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