Houston happy to see Texans beat Titans team that left Houston and was wearing Oilers throwback uniforms

Houston did not hold a lead in Nashville until the winning field goal with two seconds remaining in overtime

The concept of the Tennessee Titans wearing Houston Oilers throwback uniforms was always strange. The uniforms are great, perhaps the best in the NFL, but Nashville had very little sentimental value to them.

And all it was going to do was make Houston mad.

The Houston Texans went to Nashville on Sunday and beat the Titans, who were wearing the "Luv Ya Blue" era Oilers uniforms. And make no mistake, Houston took pleasure in that.

J.J. Watt is retired, but he is probably the greatest player in Texans history. And he was happy to pile on as well.

For younger fans it might not matter as much, but seeing the Titans wearing the old Oilers colors and logo had to stir some emotions in Houston fans. Bud Adams moved the team out of Houston after a miserable final season in 1996. There was a lot of fun history with the Oilers in Houston, including some tremendous moments from great players like Warren Moon and Earl Campbell. Having a team taken away like that, after decades of making the Astrodome rock, is a low point for a fan base. It didn't take long for the NFL to make it right and give Houston the expansion Texans six years later, but some scars were going to remain for Houston fans.

For some reason, the Titans thought it would be a great idea to wear those throwbacks Sunday against the Texans, even if their fans probably didn't care much because they had little history with their team in those uniforms. The Oilers played one season in Memphis, then one season in Nashville before rebranding to the Titans before the 1999 season.

It did rile up Houston. That made the overtime win Sunday a little extra sweet.