House Oversight Committee releases report detailing Daniel Snyder’s role in creating a toxic workplace

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Ahead of Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee hearing into the alleged toxic workplace environment created by the Washington NFL organization, the Committee released a 29-page report outlining the role that Washington owner Daniel Snyder played in creating that environment. Furthermore, the report details how Snyder worked behind the scenes to discredit the accusers and bury the findings of an investigation conducted by attorney Beth Wilkinson.

In addition, the report indicates that the NFL “knew about these actions and failed to take meaningful steps to prevent them.” Furthermore, the league was briefed on the findings of an investigation 16 times, “including at least two personal briefings for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and four briefings submitted in writing.”

Regarding Snyder’s role in discrediting the Wilkinson Investigation, the owner “deployed an arsenal of tools to gather information about his accusers that were apparently used to build a dossier to discredit them.” The House Oversight Committee found that Snyder “abused the subpoena power of federal courts to obtain private emails, call logs, and communications in an effort to uncover the sources of the Washington Post’s exposes, undermine their credibility, and impugn their motives.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell is scheduled to testify before the Committee on Wednesday. Despite being invited to testify, Snyder declined, stating that he was out of the country on team business.