This hotel giant's newest rewards series will take you around the world with masters in every field

Emily Rella,

Staying in a hotel — whether for business or for pleasure — has become less about basic accommodations and more about the full experience.

Guests seeking luxury accommodations don’t just want a gorgeous lobby with outstanding amenities and a fully-stocked fridge inside their 10th floor suite — They want a hotel or a hospitality company that can offer them the most unique, enriching and top-of-the-line experiences, right on site.

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So what if a company could offer unparalleled experiences for guests as a way of thanking them for being so loyal as to where they choose to stay?

That’s what Marriott Rewards Moments and SPG Moments newest master class series is aiming to do.

Marriott, which acquired Starwood in 2016, has created a space where members of Marriott Rewards, Ritz-Carlton Rewards and SPG programs can all link their rewards accounts to one central area.

Logistically, it makes sense — given the diverse portfolio of unmatchable and highly sought-after hotel properties around the globe that the company owns and operates, coupled with the brand partnerships Marriott has developed and cultivated, the opportunities seem endless.

And based on this first batch of master classes, it looks like they just might be — After all, Marriott International currently includes 30 brands and 6,100 properties across 124 countries and territories.

Here are 13 of the most over-the-top Master Class packages being offered:

The master class series allows members to cash in on the points that they’ve earned toward intimate classes with (naturally) masters in their respective fields, offering hands-on experiences that money truly can’t buy.

Members with as little as 2,000 points can trade in for a running and healthy eating class with  Olympic marathoner (at Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers) up to 1 million point packages, like cooking alongside renowned French chef Eric Ripert at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman Cookout.

David Flueck, Senior Vice President of Global Loyalty, Marriott International, explained the premise behind the new series:

“Our members believe life is an adventure worth pursuing. We’re focused on taking the best of Marriott’s loyalty programs – including our partnerships and extraordinary portfolio of hotels – and stepping it up with master classes that provide transformative experiences travelers cannot get anywhere else.”

A rewards program that will fly you to Hawaii to go surfing with the best of the best?

Sounds like an adventure we’d definitely like to pursue!

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