It's hot in Denver. Cool down at these top spots for ice cream and frozen treats

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With temperatures soaring to new highs this week, we could all use some cold, sweet relief.

Here are six spots in Denver whose frozen treats will cool you down:

  • Milkroll Creamery Denver — This shop specializes in homemade Thai-style ice cream poured as a liquid on a freezing cold plate, then rolled up and topped with ingredients of your choice.

  • Hidden Gems Ice Cream — Larimer Square's new soft serve ice cream shop includes mix-ins that focus on sugary cereals, including Lucky Charms Marshmallows and Reece's Puffs.

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  • Paleteria Zacatecas — Head here for the Mexican-style popsicles, which come in nearly every color and are made with fresh fruit. Flavors range from tamarind and strawberry cream to piña colada and spicy mango.

  • Ice Cream Riot — Try the Water Ice, better known as Italian Ice — a frozen treat typically made from water, sugar and fruit. The shop also carries ice cream cookies and sandwiches, shakes, cannolis and cones.

  • Meet Fresh — This Taiwanese dessert and drink shop focuses on fresh ingredients, offering menu items including shaved ice, milk tea, taro balls, grass jelly, boba tofu pudding and more.

  • Los Mangos — The menu at this Mexican snack bar is just as colorful as its storefront, from ice cream and sundaes to agua frescas and sandías locas (hollowed watermelons stuffed with fruit and tamarind candy and topped with lime and chili spices).

Alayna's order: A mangonada ($8.50) from Los Mangos, which comes with a cup of fresh mango, chamoy, mango sorbet, fresh squeezed lime and plenty of chili spice.

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