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There were not many people who expected Rutgers to pull off the upset over the Buckeyes on Saturday night. The Buckeyes needed to go into this game and play a solid game. There were a couple of bad moments early in the game with some three-and-outs for Urban Meyer's team and as in the previous three games against the Scarlet Knights, it was close, for a quarter.

Then the flood gates opened up and the Buckeyes pulled away and the talent gap showed up in a big way.

We are taking a look at our Hot 11 after Ohio State's most recent game. Dre'mont Jones did not play last week and will be out for the Maryland game as well after a freak accident in the Ohio State locker room. He will find himself sliding a little due to inactivity. That should only be temporary. Another player that came close to making the list this week is receiver Johnnie Dixon who had a career night against Rutgers and could have had another touchdown if not for a ticky-tack call by the officials on an offensive pass interference. We wanted to make sure to make special notice of the big game for the West Palm Beach (Fla.) product.

One special notice on the defensive side as well, Dante Booker had his best game as a Buckeye on Saturday night and that had to make the coaches happy that after an injury-plagued 2016, that Booker was able to have a strong impact. He did not make the list, but someone else that made everyone take notice.

Hot 11: Post Rutgers





Nick Bosa

The Buckeyes had nine TFLs in the game, one by Bosa but did not get to the quarterbacks all that much as the former DC of Ohio State (Chris Ash) knew the Buckeyes would be coming and tried getting rid of the ball in haste. Bosa did nothing to slide down the rankings this week. Last Week: 1


Billy Price

Ohio State ran for 286 yards and Billy Price certainly will grade out as a champion this week. Stop us if you have heard this one before, sometimes it is hard to put into words just how good the offensive line plays in terms of individuals, but take our word for it, these guys brought it this week. Last Week: 2


J.T. Barrett

Maybe for one week, J.T. Barrett will not divide the Ohio State fan base. Barrett threw for 275 yards, rushed for 89 and set a couple more marks to solidify his place in Ohio State history. The deep ball is starting to show up, Barrett is looking more comfortable out there as well. The question will be what happens when the opponents become a little better? Last Week 5


Tyquan Lewis

The defensive line will have several players on this list every week, there really is just no way around it. Lewis may not show up in the stat book the way that he should, but he still had a TFL and a pass break-up for the Buckeyes. Last Week: 3


JK Dobbins

Dobbins had a grand total of six carries but that was okay as the Buckeyes got Mike Weber back into the swing of things. What did Dobbins do with those carries? He averaged 8.8 YPC and while he was kept out of the end zone, he ripped off some big runs. Last Week: 4


Jamarco Jones

Jones played well at his tackle spot but that has just become something that people are taking for granted. Not hearing offensive linemen being brought up during the telecast is a good thing. We really did not hear Jones' name mentioned at all. Last Week: 6


Denzel Ward

Ward moves up as the Buckeyes continue to shut down teams in the throw game. Rutgers is far from being Oklahoma in terns of efficiency and output, but Ward looked good with a pair of breakups and a TFL of his own. Last Week: 11


Dre'mont Jones

As mentioned above, Jones did not play in this game and won't play next week. With it being a short-term injury however, we will not drop him out of the list but other players have the chance to overtake him with big games. Last Week: 6


Mike Weber

Welcome back to Mike Weber. He had three touchdowns on the ground in the game on 10 carries. The YPC average was not great in those 10 carries, but Weber really has not seen much action this season coming off of a more serious hamstring injury than we were all led to believe. Last Week: NR


Sam Hubbard

Hubbard was third on the team with tackles plus he forced a fumble, and had a QB hurry. These defensive ends are so interchangeable at times that it is not until postgame that you really know who did what because the production just does not drop off. Last Week: 9


Parris Campbell

Parris Campbell only had one catch for 20 yards and it is hard to be the kickoff return guy when the opponent does not score a point. You get one opportunity and that's that. Campbell's hands got the best of him on one potential big play. Campbell is starting to put it together however and the Buckeyes are finding more ways to use him. Last Week: 8

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