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The Buckeyes put up another big win this past week with a 62-14 win over Maryland in a game that was not even that close. A special teams gaffe allowed the first Terps TD and a closing minutes drive against the third-team defense accounted for the second touchdown. But the rest of the game was dominating for the Ohio State defense and solid for the Ohio State offense outside of a couple of J.T. Barrett drives and a few disjointed drives late with the 2's and 3's in.

Not a lot of movement in the list this week. We did decide to move Dre'mont Jones off the list after he missed his second game with a freak locker room injury. Once he returns to the lineup, he should likely reclaim the place he vacated before coming off of the list.

Another question came up as to how we would handle Denzel Ward who was ejected from the game due to a questionable targeting call. We did not see targeting and we are not moving him off the list for what we deemed a bad call.

Outside of that, the list has a lot of familiar faces but there are a lot of names looking to press on to the list. As the wideouts are playing better and the Buckeyes are getting more consistent play from other positions, keeping this list down to 11 players has been a challenge.

Hot 11: Post Maryland





Nick Bosa

Over the past several games, no defensive player has seen a lot of playing time (maybe outside of the secondary which needs the reps before the meat of the schedule arrives). Bosa in his limited time racked up two TFLs, a sack and forced a fumble. It is a pick your poison venture for opponents and they are not having much luck against any of the Ohio State D-linemen if they choose to hold onto the ball for any length of time. Last Week: 1


J.T. Barrett

Has Barrett finally figured it all out? Is this a result of playing weaker foes? Can it be a little bit of both? Barrett was 20-31 against Maryland for 261 yards and three passing touchdowns along with a rushing TD and 59 yards on the ground. Barrett is No. 10 in the NCAA in passing efficiency and tied for 3rd with 16 passing touchdowns. The real litmus test is where is Barrett ranked in the post-PSU list. Last Week: 3


Billy Price

Maryland could not stop the run and could not generate a pass rush. That has to bode well for the Ohio State offensive line and their success. With the injury to Branden Bowen, the questions have started if the Buckeyes consider moving Price back to OG and bring in Brady Taylor at OC. We're not feeling that move with Price being such a fixture at center so far this season, but only time will tell if the Buckeyes have to explore that option. Last Week: 2


Tyquan Lewis

Lewis continues to make an impact even if the numbers are not showing up in the stat book. Max Bortenschlager felt that Lewis made an impact with a huge sack where Lewis was basically untouched on the way to a 10-yard loss. Much like Bosa, if the Buckeyes were rolling four ends in, instead of six or more, the numbers would be higher. It only takes watching brief moments of the game to see how well the line is playing. Last Week: 4


Jamarco Jones

With the injury to Bowen on the line the Buckeyes will have to work quickly on building chemistry with Matt Burrell who steps into that vacated spot. Jones gives the Buckeyes such a solid base at the left tackle position, there is no fear that he is going to take a step backward in terms of production. This is the time where the leaders on the line will have to step up and Jones has become one of those players. Last Week: 6


JK Dobbins

The numbers have not been there for Dobbins like they were in the first few weeks but neither have the carries. Saturday was the closest we have seen to a return to early season form as the Buckeyes spread the carries out evenly with its leading ball carriers. Dobbins did not break a big one but had a solid 13 carry for 96 yard game (7.4 YPC) and a touchdown. Last Week: 5


Parris Campbell

No player is subject to a wider range of ballots than Campbell this season. He has locked himself into the Hot-11 but there are still debates as to how high or low he should be. Last week he had six catches for 46 yards but was kept out of the end zone. Campbell also had 58 yards in kick returns to lead the team with 123 all-purpose yards. He may have not been the most impressive receiver on Saturday in terms of making the wow or impactful play but he has emerged as the favorite target in many games. Last Week: 11


Denzel Ward

Ward was ejected on a sketchy targeting call. The Buckeyes obviously did not suffer in the Maryland game with his absence and the fact is that Ward is the No. 1 corner for the Buckeyes, by a pretty solid margin. Nebraska will be more of a test with a quarterback who likes to throw, but also likes to throw interceptions. Last Week: 7


Sam Hubbard

The defensive line played well. Hubbard is on the defensive line. So this one should make sense. But all joking aside, Hubbard at a TFL of his own and gave a little pose as well after taking down the Maryland ball carrier deep in their own zone on the north end of the stadium. Hard to believe he was set to be a college lacrosse player and now has turned into an all-league type of football player. Last Week: 10


Mike Weber

Over the past two weeks, Weber has scored four touchdowns since returning to the everyday lineup for the Buckeyes after his hamstring injury. Weber never had a big run with a long of 10 yards against the Terps and his 4.5 YPC average is a little lower than where he would like it, but he has proven to be a tough runner for the Buckeyes and part of the 1-1a discussion between him and Dobbins. Last Week: 9


Dante Booker

One thing about the Hot 11 is that we try not to overreact from one good game for a player. But what about two good games? That is where Booker is with another strong game following up the Rutgers game. Against the Terps, Booker had two TFLs, a sack and was just a menace to the team where white and red. The Buckeyes need this kind of performance from its linebackers and Booker has gone from maybe being overlooked to one of the best performers in the unit over the last eight quarters. Last Week: NR

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