'It is hostile': Kyle Kuzma and Danny Green on playing in Utah

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Basketball fans are a hot topic these days.

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Ever since Russell Westbrook got into a heated argument with a fan in Utah — who made some racially-charged comments and has since been banned from Jazz games — NBA players, coaches and referees have become concerned with fans crossing the line.

Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma saw what happened with Westbrook in Utah, the same state where he played his college ball. Speaking with Raptors star Danny Green, Kuzma addressed the Westbrook situation and how it relates to his experience in the latest episode of Inside the Green Room.

“Utah is probably one of the most hostile environments in the league,” Said Kuzma in the video above. “I think of Utah, I think of OKC. The top two, really. But my experience in Utah is obviously different. I played for the University of Utah, most of those fans from the U were also Jazz fans, or vice versa. So, of course, nobody is talking to me.

“I think it’s really unfortunate,” he said about the Westbrook situation. “It’s very sad. That’s kinda the society we still live in, and it’s very disheartening, for sure.”

Green, who is quite familiar with west coast NBA arenas after playing in San Antonio for eight seasons, said he supports Westbrook, but he’s not about to pardon the Oklahoma City superstar for his response to the unruly fan.

“Obviously what Russ said, we’re not going to say he was in the right,” said Green. “But we back Russ regardless, as a fraternity in this league. And obviously we’re held to higher accountability, the microscope is on us and we have to be professionals. But there are certain things that are crossing the line. (Westbrook) shouldn’t feel that way about himself, his family, whatever the guy said to him — disrespected him. But I think Utah handled it the right way.

“Utah definitely has a great fanbase,” Green continues, “but it is hostile. Unfortunately there are some fans that are like that, that cross the line.”

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