Hornets re-introduce Mardi Gras-style uniforms, and fail badly

For the second year in a row, the New Orleans Hornets are paying tribute to their city's Mardi Gras tradition by rolling out Mardi Gras-styled uniforms. The tri-toned unis reflect the green, purple and yellow elements that you see in all manner of Mardi Gras decorations, which is a nice bon mot sent toward the community that supports the Hornets.

That is to say, it'd be a nice bon mot if the jerseys weren't some of the ugliest things we've ever seen.

We appreciate risk, when it comes to fashion, and especially NBA fashion. Some of the most ridiculed NBA jersey styles are actually amongst our favorite uniforms, so it's always nice to see a team take a chance. But one color on the front of a jersey, clashing with another on the back? It just doesn't work.

And because "just doesn't work" has been applied to my fashion choices for years, I'll rely on the words of a woman who actually knows what she's talking about. NBA scribe and all-around go-to maven for all things fashion-y, Megan Wilson. After calling them an "abomination" in a post on her blog from this time last year, she went on:

There's so much inspiration to take from New Orleans and the great Mardi Gras tradition, but clearly the Adidas designers took it all too literally. The over-use of elements lead to a very busy and cheap look, like what a retro Value Village find you'd only pull out to wear with a joke mullet.

Ouch. So, the Hornets should only be wearing these as a joke, at some campus party, where patrons boast fake feathered hair and (we're guessing) cut-off shorts and a fake mustache.

Again, we appreciate the risk. And we're not being snotty because we're jealous of the revelers down in New Orleans, though we are clearly jealous of the revelers down in New Orleans (crawfish, mmm); but these duds are pretty bad.

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