Is the Horn ready to sound on Jaycee's recruitment?

After a turn of events that saw Tennessee go from eliminated to firmly back in the mix for defensive back Jaycee Horn, the talented Peach State corner returned to Knoxville for a two-day trip this weekend.

A day after visiting Alabama on Friday, the 4-star corner spent Saturday night with Vols, as sophomore wideout and fellow Georgia native Marquez Callaway acted as Horn's host for a second time. The visits to Alabama and Tennessee allowed Horn a good chance to spend more time around the coaches, players and programs — with little to do about "learning new things."

"It was cool at both visits," Horn said. "I didn't learn anything new at either place. I've been there enough to know everything. I just wanted to get around everyone and chill. I'm not committing right now. I'll probably commit around the first three games of my season."

Horn was originally slated for a July 15 commitment — just days after visiting Tennessee for 'Orange Carpet Day.' Interestingly, while many assumed South Carolina was in the driver’s seat for Horn’s commitment, the 4-star told on Sunday that “to be honest, after visiting Tennessee and started talking to them more, I was really leaning toward Tennessee and that’s what told me to back off and just make sure I totally knew the situation there because before I didn’t really pay attention to the roster like that. They just told me that I could come in and play early, but I didn’t know the roster situation was like that, so after thinking about it … if they felt comfortable with the guys they had they wouldn’t have brought Shaq Wiggins in. They need more at the corner position so they left me with a lot to think about.”

Tennessee and Alabama might be the most discussed options now, but South Carolina is still in the mix, according to Horn. He would like to get back to Columbia before he makes his commitment.

"I’m going to get back up there definitely before I commit. Definitely," Horn said.

"I talk to T-Rob (Travaris Robinson) almost everyday. He’s the coach I’m most close with more than all of them. I like everything about them, too.”

Still, Horn admitted he's taking a long look at Tennessee and Alabama because "it’s kind of hard to say no to them. I can’t go wrong with either one."

He understands how much Tennessee would love to add him with Brandon Cross and Tanner Ingle in this 2018 class. All three would compliment each other in different ways.

"They didn't stop recruiting me after I eliminated them," Horn said. "In fact, they came even harder. I talk to coach (Butch) Jones almost every day since I released my Top 2. This visit just re-solifified my decision to put them back in because I have great relationships with the coaches and it's not just coach (Charlton) Warren and coach Jones. It's all the coaches."

He also added, "I like the whole family feel about it. I had chopped it to two, but they weren’t one of them. But I went back and thought about things and pushed it back just to be sure. I’m glad I did that because I felt way more comfortable around the facilities and everything this time. I really like everything about Tennessee. Their roster is kind of in the same position as (Alabama). They brought in Shaq Wiggins and he’s going to start. Most likely. They got Martin starting and (Justin) Mosley might, too. Obviously, they didn’t feel comfortable with the DBs that they have or they wouldn’t have brought him in. I know talking to the coaches, they’re looking for the next group to come in and compete for a job. With the guys that they have, they don’t have any like me as far as height and length."


Horn made the trip up to Knoxville with his uncle and stayed overnight. Getting plenty of time on Rocky Top with fellow prospect, close friend and Vols commit Jatavious Harris.

"It was just good to hang with those guys," Horn said. "(Jatavious) doesn't wear me out about committing. He's definitely pushing me to commit, but he's been with me each visit to Tennessee so he doesn't have to push to hard. I’m going to make my own decision. Jatavious, he knows that. He’s one of my closest friends. He knows what type of guy I am. He’s been around me. He knows they’re in a good spot right now, so he doesn’t really have to stress me about getting in the boat."

While Tennessee has given Horn plenty to think about, he said, "It’s hard to say no to Alabama. Period. I grew up an Alabama fan. It’s a good situation right now because they’re losing almost their whole secondary after next year and they’re not going to have many corners on the roster. They almost have to start a 2018 corner in the secondary. That’s real appealing about Alabama. I have a pretty good relationship with coach (Derek) Ansley and coach Saban.

Friday's visit was another chance to "talk to coach Ansley. It was just more a family vibe. We didn't get the chance to talk much football."

With a dead period rapidly approaching, it may be hard for Horn to make it back to Columbia before the season starts.

"I’ll probably commit somewhere near the beginning of may senior season," he said,

"I don’t want to rush into because I’m not one of those guys that will try to commit and then decommit. That’s too much for me. I’m definitely not one of those guys who will do a hat trick or something like that. I don’t even like the attention like that."




RR: 5.8

Ht: 6'1.0"

Wt: 170.0

Class: 2018




Commitment status: