In honor of his 30th birthday, reasons to celebrate Steelers' Antonio Brown

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This look is understated in comparison to some of <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nfl/teams/pit" data-ylk="slk:Pittsburgh Steelers">Pittsburgh Steelers</a>’ <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nfl/players/24171/" data-ylk="slk:Antonio Brown">Antonio Brown</a>’s fashion choices. (AP)
This look is understated in comparison to some of Pittsburgh SteelersAntonio Brown’s fashion choices. (AP)

One of the NFL’s biggest stars, Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, turns 30 years old on Tuesday, just a few weeks shy of his ninth NFL season.

So in honor of Brown’s big day, we’ve come up with some reasons to celebrate the man that was chosen as the No. 2 player in the NFL by his peers.

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5. His touchdown celebrations

He’s gotten in trouble for them before, fined twice in 2016 because the NFL said shaking your butt is too “suggestive,” but there’s never been a doubt that Brown enjoys playing and loves having some fun on the field.

4. His fashion choices

From his seemingly Lego-inspired haircut to his colorful clothes, Brown isn’t afraid to take chances, sartorially speaking. This burgundy leather suit with huge studs is quite a statement, and this choice, from an October game, is subdued in comparison, though peacock feather-printed pants and a coordinating button-down still say quite a bit.

A post shared by Antonio Brown (@ab) on Oct 24, 2017

And how many NFL players would wear this blue flowered suit with white lapels? Not many.

A post shared by Antonio Brown (@ab) on Oct 2, 2017

3. He’s beloved despite being the stereotypical “diva receiver”

Maybe it’s his megawatt smile, or his impressive turn on “Dancing with the Stars” or the fact that performance trumps all for many people, but despite his sometimes diva-like behavior — among other things, this is the man who arrived at training camp a year ago in a chauffeured, classic, convertible Rolls Royce and secretly aired a postgame locker room celebration on Facebook Live – Brown seems largely beloved among NFL fans. That’s tough to do these days.

2. Brown’s a baller

Here’s the easiest reason to celebrate Brown: he’s a baller. He’s made the Pro Bowl each of the last five years (he’s been named six times total) and first-team All-Pro each of the last four. Over the last five seasons, he’s missed just three games and totaled 582 catches for 7,848 yards and 52 touchdowns. Those reception and yardage marks are the most ever in a five-year span in NFL history.

1. His rise to glory

As any NFL fan with a pulse can tell you, arguably the greatest player in league history, Tom Brady, was a sixth-round draft pick — 199th overall, to be exact. While Brown may or may not someday be considered the greatest receiver ever, he has a story similar to Brady’s in that he had to wait a long time before he was drafted. The Central Michigan standout was also a sixth-round pick, at 195. Not only were there 22 receivers taken before him (only nine of which are still in the league), but there were two punters drafter sooner, one of whom, Brent Bowden, never played a regular-season snap.

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