Homme, Ben, and Raison join Team WE

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Homme is coach for Team WE (WE weibo)
Homme is coach for Team WE (WE weibo)

Team WE announced via weibo that they will add three members to the team, Coach Yoon “Homme” Sungyoung, previously of Vici Gaming, AD Carry Jeong “Raison” Soobin, previously of Hong Kong Esports, and Support Nam “Ben” Donghyun, previously of Invictus Gaming.

Homme was previously a member of MVP Ozone and Samsung White as a top laner and then a coach. In 2015, he joined Vici Gaming as the team’s Head Coach. He left Vici Gaming at the end of 2016.

Raison played as an AD carry for Hong Kong Esports with a brief year-long suspension starting in July of 2015 through April of 2016. He departed from HKE in September of 2016. As a member of HKE, he placed third in the 2015 LMS Summer split and advanced to the semifinals in the 2016 LMS Summer split.

Ben is the most junior addition. Ben debuted only briefly for Invictus Gaming while the team tried out new members for their bottom lane.

WE’s announcement states that these members of the team will join the existing lineup. The team list their existing roster with Coach Kim “HooN” Namhoon, AD carry Jin “Mystic” Seongjun, and support Yoon “Zero” Kyungsup remaining on the team.

WE roster, as listed in their weibo announcement:

Coach: Yoon “Homme” Sungyoung
Coach: Kim “HooN” Namhoon

Top: Ke “957” Changyu
Jungle: Xiang “Condi” Renjie
Mid: Su “xiye” Hanwei
ADC: Jin “Mystic” Seongjun
ADC: Jeong “Raison” Soobin
Support: Nam “Ben” Donghyun
Support: Ke “Conan” Yi
Support: Yoon “Zero” Kyungsup

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