Homeowner sparks drama after allegedly ‘destroying’ their neighbor's yard

A homeowner cut the roots of his neighbor's tree. Now the neighbor wants him to pay up. The man consulted Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum for advice. "My family and I moved into a new home this spring," he wrote. One of my neighbor's yards is separated from ours by a chain-link fence. There is a large tree on their side of the fence. Roots from the tree spread into my yard. About a month ago, my daughter tripped on one of the roots, fell, and ended up breaking her wrist trying to catch herself. So, I bought some tools and started tearing the roots up as best I could. I got them out to a point that nothing is sticking above the ground anymore and filled the top in with fresh soil and grass seed" . The neighbor asked him what he had done to the tree and the two had it out. "My neighbor noticed the work I did," the Reddit poster said. "I told him I had to remove some roots since my daughter tripped on one. He got pissed and told me I probably killed his tree. I told him that removing a few roots isn't going to hurt a tree that big and they were creating a tripping hazard. He told me there are other ways to deal with roots like that instead of cutting them out and he would have gladly helped if I had asked. He said that the tree is probably going to die which means it is probably going to have to be removed and said that a tree that large is going to cost thousands of dollars to take out. He said if the tree dies and he has to have it cut down, he's going to ask me to pay for some of it because of what I did to the roots. I told him good luck with that and that I'm not paying anything for his tree.". Reddit users thought he was totally in the wrong for cutting the tree without permission. "Why wouldn’t you talk to your neighbor first?" one user asked