Home Run Derby X coming to Isotopes Park. Here's what to know about the touring event.

May 21—Isotopes Park is a hotbed of homers — just ask anyone who has had the unfortunate distinction of having to pitch in the thin Albuquerque air. In fact, pitchers through the years have not-so-affectionately called the stadium "the moon" because gravity never seems to bring the ball down.

But just in case anyone wanted more proof of its love of the longball, the ball park officially known as Rio Grande Credit Union Field will be one of several sites for this year's MLB Home Run Derby X, a 3-on-3 home run derby-style competition that includes unique scoring rules and (some) defense in the form of outfielders who try to earn points by catching balls.

The Isotopes announced the incoming Home Run Derby X event on their website on Tuesday and plan to have a news conference on Thursday to announce participants and other details for the Aug. 23 event, which will have tickets going on sale June 3.

Gates open for the HRDX at 5:30 p.m. and the event starts at 7:10.

Albuquerque's HRDX is the second of a four-city tour, starting Aug. 10 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and also having stops in Nashville on Aug. 31 and Durham, N.C., on Sept. 7.

An email from the Isotopes to media stated "MLB legend Nick Swisher and softball superstar Alex Hugo" along with MLB representatives putting on the new annual event will be on hand at Thursday's news conference.

Both Swisher and Hugo, who currently serves as a roving instructor in the Oakland Athletics organization, participated in last year's HRDX.

According MLB, the HRDX series "is an exciting 3-on-3 co-ed competition built around power hitting and defensive hustle, with events in each city featuring four teams, each led by an MLB legend and female player from softball and women's baseball."

Each game lasts about 30 minutes with every player on a team getting to bat for 2 minutes, 30 seconds. There are bonus point options, targets that earn more points for home runs and times the batter can call for a "hot streak" in which the next five swings earn double points.