New Home, Lipan boys basketball coaches react to buzzer shot waved off in overtime

SAN ANTONIO — Emotions flipped in the span of two minutes as referees reviewed the final play of Friday's UIL Class 2A state semifinal between New Home and Lipan.

The Leopards, after celebrating what they thought was a game-winning overtime bucket by Caleb Cook, were left in disbelief after the score was ruled to be late.

The result gave Lipan a 40-39 win to advance to Saturday's state championship.

Here's what the coaches said postgame.

New Home coach Koby Abney

"The explanation I was given is they went to the monitor, they put a clock on the monitor. Apparently they disregard the red light that's on the scoreboard at that point. They put a timer on the play and they basically watch it as if the scorer's table and the scoreboard and the giant lights and everything that we use for the entire rest of the game does not exist. And in the estimation of that, it happened, the shot happened, after .3 seconds."

"I asked (the officials) exactly what we had to do (before the play). He said you have to catch it and shoot it immediately. I believe we did catch and shoot immediately."

"Officiating basketball is a hard, hard thing. Every call you make, somebody's gonna disagree with it. I think there were some calls that could have been just as pivotal. I think their best player could've fouled out about three times. That dramatically changes the game. That one call does not cost or win us the game, by any means."

"I appreciate our officials. Our officials do a fantastic job throughout the year. They're right more times than they're wrong. It's very often a thankless job. I do not have any criticism towards that set of officials. I don't like the fact that, apparently according to NFHS rules, we disregard all the other things to just look at a timer as opposed to what we saw with our eyes."

Lipan coach Brent Gaylor

"I can't imagine what (New Home) is feeling right now. It's a tough situation. I know if it had gone the other way, we'd be heartbroken as well."

"The officials told us during the timeout before they came out the first time, they said with 0.3 (seconds left) it has to be a tip. By rule that's what I've always heard, too. … In my opinion I thought it should be waved off immediately. I saw two officials immediately rule it out, and I guess they were going off of that. … It seemed like a long time waiting on that ruling to come because it was such a big call."

This article originally appeared on Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: New Home, Lipan coaches react to buzzer shot in OT of state semifinal