Home chef divides TikTok with controversial lemon-squeezing hack

TikTok’s latest debate? How to squeeze a lemon. The argument began with a life hack that some users are calling “life-changing.” Others, meanwhile, are questioning whether or not the trick is a joke. TikTok user @boomtisca shared the lemon-squeezing tip in late June, and it has since drawn more than 2.5 million views. The tip from @boomtisca addresses a common kitchen problem: how to squeeze a lemon. Her method, however, is what stoked arguments online. In @boomtisca’s video, she warns against placing a lemon half in the juicer with the cut side up. This is a common kitchen mistake, considering most juicers are shaped in a way that encourages facing lemons this way. To resolve the issue, @boomtisca suggests cutting a slice off the bottom of the lemon half. That way, the juice will come out of both ends when you squeeze it. “That one step makes a huge difference,” she adds in the video. Many TikTokers seemed to agree with @boomtisca, praising her hack in the comments section. “You’ve changed my life,” one user wrote. Others found the trick less helpful. Some commenters were confused why @boomtisca didn’t just flip her lemons over in the squeezer so that the cut end would be facing the bottom. For her part, @boomtisca posted a follow-up video addressing the lemon-squeezing controversy. She even tried squeezing a lemon the “other” way — by simply flipping it