Get your holiday shopping done with these last-minute gifts

Time is running out! Join In The Know Shopping Editor Julia and get your holiday shopping done today.

This episode of In The Know Live: Deals originally aired on Dec. 15, 2021.

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Video Transcript

JULIA WEBB: Hey, everyone. Welcome back to In The Know live deals. I'm Julia. Thanks so much for joining me today.


We're back today with more gift ideas. But since we are in the final stretch until Christmas, these are all gifts that you can still get at the last minute that will show up in time for the holidays. And I don't blame you if you haven't finished your shopping yet. Life happens. And I also don't blame you if you treat yourself to one of these gifts. All of these are incredible and definitely feel thoughtful, not last-minute. And I'd personally love to receive any of these. So let's jump in.

As always, if you want to grab any of these gifts, you can do so right over here or click the link down below. So first up, we have a book of the month, which is exactly what it sounds like. It's a book subscription service where the recipient will get a brand new book each month. And you can start gifting for $49.99 for three months.

And this is how it works. So you will buy the subscription. And then you will give the recipient the gift code so that they can redeem it. From there, Book of the Month curates a selection of five buzzy, newly published books each month. And then the recipient will get to pick one out and get it sent straight to them to start reading.

Also, if they want to skip a month because they either like to read slowly or just have a really packed calendar, they totally can because credits roll over. It's not a big deal.

Also, you have options to bring home more than one book a month if you're really excited about all five. You can add up to two additional books to your box a month for an extra charge. And I think this is a really great gift for anyone that's looking to kind of expand their horizons, maybe are looking for new authors or new titles to be introduced to or for those that just haven't really been inspired lately at their local bookstore.

And I don't know about you guys, but I personally love having a physical copy of a book in my hand as opposed to reading on an e-reader or a laptop or anything like that. So I would absolutely love this gift. And I think it's something fun to look forward to, even after the holidays. Gifts just keep on coming.

Next up, we have the UGG Classic Ultra-Mini Boot. And these are $140. Now, while fuzzy shoes or slippers are an obvious holiday gift idea, if you have not heard, UGG is back in a major way and totally trending. Now specifically, I mean, these short UGG booties or the slides and the ones with the platform too are selling out all over.

The UGG Classic Ultra-Mini in particular are pretty much sold out everywhere. Trust me, I've checked. But actually, Foot Locker has the hook-up. They have sizes 5 through 11 in stock right now in black. And honestly, they are gone pretty much everywhere. So if you want these boots, head to Foot Locker now.

But they have a sheepskin lining. So you know that they're going to be super, super comfortable. And they do fit true to size. I've had a few pairs of UGGs and know that. Now, they might feel a little snug when you first put them on because they are so fluffy. After a few wears, you are going to be good to go. And they will fit perfectly.

UGG, of course, is known for making just really high quality shoes and really cozy slippers. So this gift is great for anyone that just needs some cozy footwear for the season. But if you have a really trendy sibling or cousin or just friend, I think they are going to be pumped to open this gift and also pretty impressed that you were able to get your hands on a pair.

So head to Foot Locker. These shoes ship in five to six business days. So they should arrive before Christmas Eve for you to wrap up.

Next up, we have Uncommon Experiences. Now, I love shopping on, whether I just need some inspiration or I'm looking for a really unique gift. So if you didn't know, they also now are offering Uncommon Experiences.

Essentially, these are live, virtual activities that range from date night painting to bath bomb making to cocktail creation to even tarot card reading. They really have an activity for everyone. So if you are looking for another gift for your mom or your boyfriend or maybe that long distance friend of yours, this is a really fun thing to grab them.

Also, I think it makes for a really memorable gift. You might not remember who got you a sweater last year. But you probably will remember who got you a cocktail making class.

Also, they're pretty affordable. Experiences start at just $25 and go up to about $85 depending on what you get and what's involved. But you can't wrap this gift. So I say print out a little card from it. Uncommon Goods does have an option for you to send a note. Throw that in a beautiful holiday card, put that under the tree. And they are going to be really surprised and excited for this one.

Number four, now, if you have a beauty lover on your shopping list, I think this is going to be a home run for them. This is Glossier's The Essential Edit. It's $50 and holiday-exclusive from the brand. And inside this little beauty bundle, you get five of Glossier's very best products. So you get three minis and two full-size products. You get a mini Milky Jelly Cleanser, which is a very gentle face wash. You get a Mini Priming Moisturizer, which, as the name suggests, is a greqat makeup base or just a moisturizer on its own. And then you get a Mini, which is the brand's cult classic lip balm. It's amazing.

Then you get two full-sized products, so a full size Boy Brow, which is my personal favorite eyebrow product. I'm actually wearing it right now. It's the best out there, I swear. And a full-size Lash Slick, which is the brand's mascara. I use that one all the time too.

And it comes in this really cool recycled paper case. So it's going to be looking unique under the Christmas tree and really stand out. And I think that these items are perfect to add to anyone's makeup bag. Everyone can appreciate using these. And I personally do as well. I have very sensitive skin and love all of Glossier's products. None of them give me any irritation or break me out. And it's also very, very affordable.

Now, place this order for 1:00 PM Eastern on December 16. That's tomorrow. And with standard shipping, it will get to you by Christmas Eve. So do not wait to buy this one. But for 50 bucks, you get a really great bundle of products in this.

And finally, we have the Bouq's flower subscription. So subscriptions for flowers start at just $40 and go up to about $65 for each send. But flowers are a classic gift for a reason. But I like this gift particularly because again, it's something to look forward to.

Now, my cousin actually gave me a flower subscription about two years ago. And I loved it. I think about that every time I'm looking for a great Christmas gift because of how much I enjoyed it. It was just fun coming home to my apartment after the holidays and having a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers waiting for me then having one come for the next two months.

It's also a surprisingly flexible deal. So you can change up the recipients. If you want to buy three bouquets, you definitely can, and send them to each to a different person. You can change the size of the bouquet. You can change the delivery date if they're out of town. And you also can skip a send. So if you want to wait till two months from now to send it, you also can do that.

But I know that the weeks after the holiday season can be a bit of a bummer. You just had a bunch of excitement, and now it's back to real life. So this is definitely a way to brighten someone's day and brighten their apartment as well or their house.

Also the brand says that their bouquets last really long because they are shipped directly from eco-friendly farms who use sustainable growing methods. So you don't have to worry about the flowers coming dead or wilting immediately after day one. You are definitely going to be able to enjoy these for many days.

And I personally loved getting this. And if you just need to add a little brightness, a little love to someone's day, especially after the holidays, this is what I'm recommending.

Now, if you already have your holiday shopping done, congratulations. You are better than me. And maybe it's time to treat yourself to something on sale. So let's talk some sales that are happening right now.

First up, we have Adidas. Adidas' end of year sale is on now. And you can take up to 40% off select styles. Number two, we have Neiman Marcus. Their Christmas sale is live. And you can save up to 60% on clothes, shoes, and more.

And finally, Urban Outfitters. Today, they're having a flash sale. So definitely don't wait. It ends tonight. And you can save up to 50% on hundreds of styles. So tons of amazing deals happening right now. Do not forget to check off that very last gift on your holiday shopping list. And that's all I got for you guys. Happy holidays. This is Julia Webb. And I will see you next time.