Holgorsen's Take: Big 12 Teleconference: Kansas

Keenan Cummings, Managing Editor
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West Virginia will hit the road to open Big 12 Conference play this weekend at Kansas and head coach Dana Holgorsen provided an update on his team.

Looking at the Jayhawks, Holgorsen said that the team has looked better than they have in past seasons and a couple of breaks could have them at 3-0, instead of their current 1-2 mark. Kansas has recruited well in recent years and Holgorsen said that his team has to be prepared for their best shot heading into Saturday.

"The biggest thing that I see is they have a plan in all phases," he said.

The Mountaineers are equipped with a number of players at the skill position spots and while they have performed well at times, still have room to grow moving forward. Holgorsen wants to see each of the players take that next step and isn't ready to anoint any of them with some of his former players in those roles.

"Collectively they have a chance to be good," he said.

Holgorsen did say that he has been pleased with the consistency that senior running back Justin Crawford has brought to the table rushing for over 100-yards in each game, something that didn't happen with any back last season.

The focus defensively has shifted due to the rise of spread offenses, with teams now paying much more attention to points per game and holding teams to three points in the red zone as opposed to the old standard of yards allowed.

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When asked if Holgorsen would prefer to have a non-conference game at the end of the season in order to break up the possibility of a quick turnaround in the Big 12 Championship game, he said it is an interesting possibility.

However, it isn't something that would be foreign to the Big 12 as other conferences have had rematches in that game as well.

"We'll cross that bridge when if we're in that position," he said.

The head man did offer his support for the move to the Big 12 Championship game overall and said it was something he felt the league needed for sometime.

Kickoff is set for noon with the game televised on ESPNU.

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