Hold Me, I Just Found Out Taylor Swift’s Cat Is Worth $97 Million

Photo credit: Instagram - Getty Images
Photo credit: Instagram - Getty Images

I know that the combination of “Taylor Swift” and the word “cats” may cause alarming flashbacks to the musical turned movie/horror show Cats, so please be advised that we’re here to talk about Taylor Swift’s actual, physical cats. Tay-Tay has three of ’em: two Scottish folds named Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson and a Ragdoll named Benjamin Button. She’s had Meredith since 2011 and Olivia since 2014, while Benjamin has been part of the Swift family since 2019. And in case you assumed incorrectly, these cats are quite literally living a better quality of life than most humans on this earth, and they definitely know it. There’s quite a lot of information to know about these furry felines (sorry), so please settle in, put on Cats the musical to get a mood going (lol, I kid, I kid), and prepare to educate yourself on this extremely important topic.

Taylor Takes Her Cats Literally Everywhere

Here’s Taylor with one of her cat children in NYC:

Photo credit: Raymond Hall - Getty Images
Photo credit: Raymond Hall - Getty Images

And here’s Olivia in her cat carrier, which—and I cannot emphasize this enough—I’d very much love to be transported in:

Don’t worry, you can buy one:

Benjamin Is a Literal Star

I mean, his IMDb credits include only a starring role in the music video for “ME!”

These two actually met and fell in love while filming (wow, another Hollywood on-set romance!). Watch below for Taylor’s powerful first moments with her son as well as a joke she made about giving birth to him (help).

They’re Named After Tay’s Fave TV/Movie Characters

As in, Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU, Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy, and Benjamin Button from, um, Benjamin Button.

Olivia’s Net Worth Is *Checks Notes* $97 Million

I’ll give you a moment to scream into the void because, yes, Olivia Benson is a millionaire who is richer than all of us. At least, according to the 2018 Pet Rich List (IT’S A THING, OKAY?), which places Olivia behind Grumpy Cat, whose net worth is $99.5 million. And if you’re wondering how Olivia has made so much money, apparently it has to do with her vast commercial work. She’s an ACTEUR.

And frankly, Benjamin works very hard promoting Taylor’s music, so he also deserves a cut:

Meredith’s bankroll is still TBD since the lil kitty h-a-t-e-s getting her picture taken or just generally being in front of a camera. Aka no, y’all, she was not missing!!

They Have Their Own Merch

Or at least, they had their own merch back in 2018.

Don’t be sad the merch is a thing of the past, though, because you can still buy fan-made T-shirts on Etsy:

Taylor Is Obsessed…Like, Made-Herself-Earrings Obsessed

Rude to Benjamin and Meredith, but okay.

Like, Every Part of Her Life Is These Cats

Including her b-day cake. No comment other than the fact that I WILL be seeing this in my nightmares tonight:

Kay, BRB, it’s time for me to have a very serious conversation with my dog about how he’s not pulling his weight in our personal brand.

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