Who will hold fantasy value in Carolina with Teddy Bridgewater under center?

Yahoo Fantasy expert Andy Behrens looks at the receiving core in Carolina and examines who could pay fantasy dividends in the 2020 season.

Video Transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: I think the biggest open question for the Panthers as we enter 2020 is exactly how many fantasy-worthy receivers can Teddy Bridgewater possibly support? He had a great five-game audition for a starting role last year with New Orleans. He went 5 and 0, nine touchdown passes, only two picks. Completed 68% of his throws.

He was great. We know he was great. The last time we saw Bridgewater as a full-time, full-season starter, one thing that was notable-- not a lot of deep-ball attempts, only 48 deep attempts in 2015. He only completed 15 of them. So that's not necessarily his strong suit.

The Panthers added Robby Anderson in the offseason. That's fun, but he's perhaps not particularly well-suited to his new quarterback. The Panthers are also one of these teams that has a lot of new stuff-- new head coach, new quarterback, new receiver. It's a lot to work in in an abbreviated offseason. So I guess I would say I'm cautiously optimistic about it.

I think Teddy can certainly support another great season from Christian McCaffrey. DJ Moore enters this year as kind of a low-end wide receiver one, possibly wide receiver two. Anderson, however, is probably not gonna be on a lot of my teams.