Hockey has its Rams-Saints moment

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

From time to time, we take a hard right turn from offseason NFL coverage to justify dropping in highlights from the prior night’s postseason hockey game(s). Usually, there’s little or no NFL connection. Today, there is.

Hockey had its Rams-Saints moment on Wednesday night, where a missed call in real time coupled with a gap in the replay procedures resulted in a controversial outcome.

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It happened in the third game of the Western Conference Final. Sharks at Blues. Overtime. The game-winning goal from the visiting team came after an obvious hand pass.

Problem No. 1: The four officials missed it live. Problem No. 2: It’s not something that is eligible for replay review.

Hockey led the way regarding the concept of handling replay review from a central location, with the NFL studying the NHL’s approach and then adopting it. But centralized replay doesn’t matter beyond the limits of replay review, and if a hand pass can’t be called after the fact, the availability of replay review becomes meaningless.

So the NHL should do in its offseason what the NFL has done in its offseason: Expand replay to fill the donut hole that surprisingly didn’t result in the St. Louis coach yelling at an official, “Have another donut!

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