HOCKEY: Dashers break out new logo

Jun. 8—DANVILLE — With a new era, the Danville Dashers unveiled a new look on Friday.

In the meeting room at the David S. Palmer Arena, the Dashers showed a new logo for the team that goes from the sleek logo to a more aggressive one.

"It is more fierce and edgy and that is something me and (Dashers owner Barry Soskin) talked a lot about," Dashers General Manager Diane Short said. "We didn't want to totally rebrand the Dashers, but we wanted to have new look. We will be designing our jerseys and all of our merchandise this season."

Soskin was at the event and talked about how some things were going to be different.

"I am not the sole owner, I am part of a group that owns seven teams in the league and eight franchises overall," Soskin said. "I am glad that our group can bring this back to Danville. I don't know if another group is willing to take a risk and Diane knows about that from the first few years of the old Dashers."

The Dashers will be part of a Federal Prospects Hockey League that is going to expand next year with four teams.

"We are down south now in Biloxi and Baton Rouge and we are looking at Beaumont, Texas," Soskin said. "We will have 14 teams this year and we have come a long way and we are proud of the additions we have had and it is fun to watch the league grow."

Also to watch the league grow, the Dashers will also play games at Topeka, Kan.

"We are looking at a few other games that are neutral-site games as the league continues to grow," Soskin said. "One of them is Topeka and we are playing four games with Topeka and it will gave Danville Fridays and Saturdays because it is going to take a lot to get things going."

Friday was also the first public appearance for coach AJ Tesoriero. While he has played for the Dashers for seven years, he is ready to lead the team.

"I am incredibly honored and excited to accept this position," Tesoriero said. "I am looking to teach these guys some discipline and some respect and trying to teach them the values that I learned.

"There will be some familiar faces that you have seen before as well as some young, fresh Dashers. I want to thank Barry, Diane and (Palmer Arena General Manager Teri Gaffney) for bringing us back to do this again. We are taking it to the next level."

While season tickets have not been announced yet, Soskin is ready to give something in return for hockey fans that will pay for tickets.

"Everyone is going to get a jersey with a season ticket," Soskin said. "I have done in other markets and it had helped and it works to build the fan base. It is no different than other markets. We want to help in the rebuild and regrowth here and hockey can help."