Hoboken DE Wilson set to enroll at Boston College after year of prep

Richard Schnyderite, Staff Writer
NJ Varsity

Eddie Wilson, a class of 2017 defensive end prospect out of Hoboken High School is going to take an unconventional route to college. Wilson planning to to enroll at Boston College in January after spending this fall semester at Milford Academy in New Berlin, N.Y.

With Wilson having to prep in the fall, it now makes him a member of the class of 2018 as he is set to enroll in January with the other early enrollees.

“I committed to Boston College after my senior year of high school,” Wilson told NJVarsity. “I chose to go to prep because I didn’t want to waste two years at JUCO. I’m only 17 and I think Milford is going to get me tough physically and mentally. It’s going to be a hard four months, but I’m going to have to push through it."

One of the main reasons Wilson chose Boston College is because of Defensive Line Coach Paul Pasqualoni.

"I choose BC because the coaches show me a lot of love, especially Coach Pasqualoni. He's the D-Line coach and every time I see him, he puts a smile on my face," Wilson said. "He's a funny guy. Every time I see him, he gives me a few tips to help my game out. Coach Pasqualoni is also close with my head coach and Pasqualoni always tell me their stories together.”

The defensive end target has not visited Boston College yet, but is eager to get up there sometime soon.

“I never got the chance to visit Boston College because the way my mother's work schedule is, but I’m planning on visiting very soon," Wilson said. "I’m looking forward to seeing some of my future teammates. Also, I want to see how the classes are run and how the tutoring is up there.”

The word on the scholarship situation between Boston College and Wilson is that right now he will have the scholarship as long as he qualifies academically after a four-month stint at Milford Academy.

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