Historic 'Survivor' finale has controversial winner

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The Survivor: Edge of Extinction finale was a wild ride Wednesday and fans have mixed emotions. 27 nights after being voted out, Chris Underwood won his way back into the game from the Edge of Extinction. He survived a couple of tribal councils and then won the final immunity challenge. With his spot in the final three secured, Chris then did something nobody saw coming - gave his immunity away to go against Rick Devens in a fire making challenge.

It was a bold move and the first time anyone has given up their immunity to compete in the fire making contest. Devens had been dominating the game, and was the clear favorite to win - that is until Chris took him out. With Devens out of the way, and Chris's bold move fresh in the minds of the jurors, all that was left was for Jeff Probst to read the votes.

It was the first time in Survivor history that someone won after being voted out, and fans were not happy about it. But there was one fan who was happy, international superstar, Sia. The singer-songwriter is a huge fan of the show and has been known to donate money to her favorite players. This season she donated $15,000 to Joe for cutting his hair for charity, $15,000 to Aurora for making it through foster care, and $100,000 to Devens because he played a "killer game."

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