Hilarious TikToker reenacts school drop-off for kids oldest to youngest

This comedian made a video depicting school drop-off for kids from oldest to youngest, and it’s hilariously accurate . TikToker Haukatangi Heta (@haukatangi_heta) recently shared a hilarious video where he plays a mom... doing school drop-off for their kids from oldest to youngest. With the words “the oldest” written on screen, Heta yells out the window, “Alright kiddo have a good day Have you got everything?”. The clip cuts to “the middle child” — “Oh hey what’s up?” Heta asks, clearly forgetting the kid was there. Finally, it’s drop-off time for “the youngest child” — “You’ll be staying home with mommy today,” Heta coos to the imaginary youngest. The video’s relatability struck a chord with viewers