Hilarious Change.org petition asks Dwight Howard to lose his headband

For Dwight Howard, playing for the Los Angeles Lakers represents a fresh start, a chance to cast off the mess that defined his last few years in Orlando and embrace the possibilities of playing for one of the NBA's marquee franchises. It's an exciting time to be a multimillionaire celebrity in a city ready to laugh at even the worst jokes.

Yet the changes to Howard's life have not just come off the court. On it, he has opted to change his look considerably, wearing a headband as an accessory. Apparently he believes it to be the best way to express his unique personality.

However, not all fans think the same. On Change.org, a website aimed at promoting causes through the power of online community, basketball fan Harry Erickson has started a petition to convince Howard to ditch his new headband (via Reddit). Here is his reasoning:

It looks ridiculous

And here is the message to be sent in the event that the petition becomes fully supported:


Dwight Howard

Take off the headband

[Your name]

To be clear, I did not alter this text whatsoever. Presumably the idea is that a clear message will carry more force than a nuanced approach to the situation.

Erickson knows that he will need a critical mass of supporters to ensure that this cause proves successful. That's why he's looking for an even 100 supporters of the petition. As of this writing, literally tens of fans have signed up, bringing the total to more than half of the desired signatories. This is democracy in action, folks.

We've covered a basketball-themed Change.org petition before: a 10,000-person attempt to have the New York Knicks bring back Jeremy Lin following his offer sheet from the Houston Rockets. That petition was reasonably professional, but it fell upon deaf ears. Given that high-energy failure, we salute Erickson for doing as little as possible to convince Dwight Howard to ditch his headband. Sure, this may seem like one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?

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