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Major League Baseball had the Rally Squirrel thanks to the Cardinals' magical playoff run. Now high school football has the Silver Fox, thanks to a magical run across a football field on a game-winning touchdown play during a state semifinal game for the ages.

The Southlake Carroll silver fox at SMU stadium

As previously covered at RivalsHigh, on the game-winning, 35-yard touchdown run by Southlake (Texas) Carroll High quarterback Kenny Hill, a rambunctious silver fox trotted across the SMU field, right in front of Hill's run down the right sideline. Luckily for the fox, he was headed across the field going left while Hill and his blocking entourage were headed right.

Bizarre as the fox trot was -- after all, it's not every day that a small wild animal quietly waits inside a stadium of more than thousands of fans only to calmly scamper across the field on a game's most important play -- the impromptu furry mascot has emerged as a rallying point for the Carroll football community. Within 24 hours it was receiving the hero's treatment, a la the rally squirrel of October.

On Monday the fox showed up on Twitter, not once but twice. As highlighted by the Dallas Morning News, first he (or she, no need to be sexist when discussing fortunate foxes) began posting comments and responding to questions at @SilverFox_Swag. Hours later, the fox was also identifying itself as @SMUsilverfox.

As one might expect, one of the silver foxes claims to be planning a surprise appearance at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday, where Carroll will compete for the Texas Class 5A Division I state title. It'll be interesting to see how he or she plans to slip through the NFL-grade security, though karma may very well be on the fox's side. It certainly was on Saturday afternoon.

Just to be certain he'll make his next jaunt across the field successfully, the silver fox appears to be practicing.

Swagger Nation confirmed Fox sighting at Dragon Practice field..running sprints 2 prepare 4 Jerry World #SilverfoxSwag Lights Out

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