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The greatest football fake of the year didn't come from the mind of Bill Belichick or out of the Boise State Broncos playbook. It came from a middle school coach in Corpus Christi, Texas, and his eighth-grade quarterback.

During Saturday's middle school championship game against rival Wynn Seale, the Driscoll Middle School team pulled off one of the best trick plays you'll ever see. Late in the third quarter, with Driscoll down 6-0, the Wynn Seale defense was called for a 5-yard penalty which led to a respotting of the ball. Before the next snap, quarterback Jason Garza loudly told the center that the refs were marking off 5 more yards. That led to this: 

If football doesn't work out for Jason Garza, he should try his hand at acting. By making the snap from center appear to be a casual hand-off, the defensive team didn't realize that the ball was actually live. If not for Garza's Oscar-worthy performance, the play never would have worked. 

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Garza's coach had a nice acting job as well. Because of the "Today Show" chryon on the bottom of the screen at the start of the clip, we can't see Driscoll coach Art Rodriguez on the sideline. But another angle shows the coach barking directions and motioning with his hands to Garza, who acts like he's confused about the situation. It's not until Garza begins sprinting that we realize the eighth-grader was a witting accomplice the entire time. (Kudos also go to No. 13 on Wynn Seale, who was the first defender to realize what was going on and made a valiant attempt to tackle his opponent.)

The coach told The New York Daily News that the ruse was drawn up by his assistant. It was the first time they had ever tried it.  

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Driscoll missed the extra point after the touchdown. Neither team would score the rest of the game and the rival schools shared the title with a 6-6 tie.

The coach and players have received worldwide attention for the play and appeared on numerous morning news shows Monday morning.

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