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He came out of nowhere.

In the current age of near-constant prep recruiting updates, fueled by the likes of we here at ourselves, it's nearly impossible for a top recruit to go completely unnoticed. The combination of the 24-hour news cycle, cell phone video and social networking makes players' highlights and their college hopes and dreams nearly ubiquitous.

Yet that wasn't the case with Andrew Peterson, a tight end from -- get this -- the nation's biggest recruiting hotbed of Texas. A 6-foot-6, 250-pound bruiser with surprising speed and agility from Seagoville (Texas) High, Peterson somehow went completely unreported on the national or regional recruiting scene until after his senior season was complete.

According to the Dallas Morning News, publisher Brad Anderson tripped across Andrew Peterson's name in connection with schools like Memphis and Louisiana Tech, and decided he would ask for a highlight video. What the recruiting writer got from Seagoville coach Andy Gutierrez was the highlight video you see above, which could only be described as visual proof of a diamond in the rough.

"About two plays in, his words were 'Oh my God; you don't know what you have there, do you?'," Gutierrez told the Morning News.

Peterson put the highlight video on his site and YouTube, and interest in the tight end completely flooded Seagoville's athletic department. From the brink of nowhere -- Peterson didn't have a single scholarship offer at the start of November -- the tight end has rocketed to serious interest from the likes of Nebraska, Michigan, Utah and Sugar Bowl competitor Arkansas.

Gutierrez said that every Big XII school in the state of Texas -- that's Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Baylor -- has called about the tight end's availability, and the dynamic blocker and receiver has since gone on record with to make it clear that he's only interested in playing tight end in college.

While that might scare off some programs likely to be bent on converting him into a monstrous defensive end, it hardly takes the sheen off that rarest of rare stories in the modern recruiting age: A star prospect who no one even noticed until the last possible moment.

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