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Earlier in October, Prep Rally brought you the story of a disturbed high school football player in Ohio, who pricked the hand of 28 opponents in the postgame handshake line following his team's victory, which he didn't play in.

Washington High School in Washington Court House, Ohio

Now the 16-year-old officially knows just how much trouble he's in … and it looks like it's a lot. According to the Associated Press, via the Washington Court House Record Herald, the teen in question is being charged with 27 counts of assault in connection with the puncturing of 28 players' hands. There was no explanation of why the now-former Washington Court House (Ohio) Washington High player was charged with 27 counts as opposed to 28.

According to the Record Herald, the teen -- who pricked the hands of opponents after his team's 26-0 victory against McLain (Ohio) High -- will receive the charges at a forthcoming hearing, where he can either admit to the alleged actions or deny them. If he admits to knowingly hurting his one-time opponents, the teen would be handed a sentence by Highland County (Ohio) Juvenile Court Judge Kevin Greer. If he denies the accusations, a pretrial hearing will be set at the arraignment.

Either way, the teen seems to be getting closer to receiving what is almost sure to be a significant punishment. According to the Record Herald he has already been kicked off the football team, though further disciplinary actions were not released per the Washington Court House School District's code of student discipline.

No explanation for the student's action has been given, though his mother hired legal representation for the teen shortly after the incident unfolded on Oct. 1. No matter what punishment the teen receives -- if he either pleads guilty or is eventually found guilty -- it won't take back the tetanus shots that were administered at the start of the month to the 28 players he pricked with what is believed to be a tack.

"They felt the pain of it when it occurred and they thought maybe they had hit a nerve or something. Then some of them immediately … looked at their hands and saw blood," said Dr. Dan Strain, McClain High School principal, told WCMH-TV shortly after the incident.

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