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How often do you see the work of the Wachowski brothers cited as influencing sports? Unless you spend all your time watching old Shawn Marion highlights, you probably don't. Well, prepare to see a player "Matrix" out of a tackle, faking out an oncoming coverage player on a punt return by bending over backwards to avoid the oncoming coverage team.

The player who pulled off the spectacular play in the video you see above from Ycelean Productions is Wake Forest Rolesville (N.C.) High returner Petey Williams never really got up to top speed and didn't make it to the end zone during his team's season-ending playoff loss to Leesville Road (N.C.) High. Still, he might have pulled off one of the returns of the year. Prep Rally has never, ever seen anything like Williams' back-breaking move. Not only did he completely fake out the coverage team, it looked like he could have been teaching a yoga lesson in the process, too.

And, as much as saying some "Matrixed his way out of a tackle" might seem like a dramatic overstatement, that might not be the case for Williams' incredibly innovative move.

Will we see Williams pull off his move again? There's definitely a chance. The junior running back still has a season ahead of him, though his ability to gain big yardage carrying the ball might make coaches less willing to leave him on coverage teams, where he'll be back in the line of injury risk.

Still, we can all hope they will, if for no other reason than to see him "Matrix" his way out of at least one or two more potential tackles.

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